10 Facts about Sundarban Royal Bengal Tiger

Sundarban Royal Bengal Tiger

Sundarban is the pride of Bengal for many reasons. Among all those reasons, the most important is the existence of the black-striped yellow tigers knows as the royal Bengal tiger. These tigers are not just mere animals to this forest but a matter of pride. Even UNESCO is taking care of this tigers.

A few years ago they were at a verge of extinction but with the proper vigilance of the government officials and local help, they are now rejuvenating. If you want to know more about them then first you must read the article below, then go, and visit them in person.

Sundarban Tourism is one of the biggest factors in enhancing the care of the tigers all the more. If you are planning for a visit to Sundarban, do contact the Sundarbans tours and travels beforehand.

Now, let’s focus on the ten  facts concerning Sundarban Royal Bengal Tiger:

  1. These tigers are found mostly in Sundarbans and some traces of these species are found in Myanmar, China, Bhutan, and Nepal.
  2. These tigers are specifically found in the Mangrove forests. They love to inhabit in the mangroves.
  3. The black-striped yellow tigers are the National animal of India.
  4. Once it was news that a completely black tiger was found in the species of Royal Bengal Tiger in 1846.
  5. Their sensory nerves are commendable. They excel in hearing and seeing things well.
  6. The most interesting facts are that these tigers are coy to humans. This fact is adorable and fantastic.
  7. Their hunting times beings with the vanishing of daylight.
  8. They are endangered species because of the high demand for their skin and some of their body parts are essential to make medicines in the Asian region.
  9. The Government of India has created Wild Life Sanctuaries to preserve these tigers in large numbers.
  10. They are special to the Bengal region and pride for India.

Facts are good but visiting is best

These facts might have kept you astonished but if you visit, you might discover some new facts. Who knows? Do share experience with us.

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