2019 Hilsa Festival Tour in Sundarban from Kolkata

For Bengalis, Hilsa is the name of an emotion. In Bengal, Hilsa is known as Elish. During July and August Sundarban finds the Hilsa fish in abundance in the rivers that flow. Bengalis love this fish with different delicacies of Bengal.

Every year during these months Sundarban celebrates this abundance as a festival known as Hilsa festival. Sundarban tour and travels are the organizers of this tour.

For those who are interested in visiting Sundarban Hilsa Festival this year, here is an itinerary.

Day 1:

 Places to visit:

  • Gosaba Becon Bungalow
  • Rabindranath Tagore and Hamilton Sahib Bungalow
  • Birds Jungle

Food for the day:

Breakfast: Radhapalabi/ luchi, Alur Dam, Sweets and Tea

Lunch: Rice, Dal, Beguni, elish kuchu saag, elish paturi, doi elish, chutney and papar.

Evening: Chicken pakora,salad, coffee

Dinner: Khichuri, begun bhaja, elish mach bhaja

Day 2:

Places to visit:

  • Pirkhali
  • Gajikhali
  • Deul Varani
  • Banbibi Varani
  • Do-Banki Tiger Reserve are Watch Tower
  • Canopy Walk

Food for the Day:

Breakfast: Nunpuri,chana masala, Sweets and Tea

Lunch: Rice, Dal, Vaja, Elish Bhapa, Narkel Elish, Chutney, Papar.

Evening: Egg Chowmein, Coffee

Dinner: Mixed Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken, and Salad

Day 3:

Places to Visit:

  • Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve area
  • Watch Tower and Mangrove Interpretation Center
  • Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve area and Watch Tower

Food for the day:

Morning: Bed Tea and Biscuit

Breakfast: Alu Paratha, Achar, Sabji, boiled egg, Tea

Lunch: Elish Biriyani, Sorshe Elish, Elish tok, Chutney, Papar.

This is the complete tour plan for celebrating 2019 Hilsa festival at Sundarban. The booking of this amazing tour starts from July –August. Don’t worry about the night stay, it will be in beautiful Sundarban Near resort.

Exciting Hilsa Festival:

So what are you waiting for? It’s time you grab this exciting opportunity of Sundarban tour from Kolkata.


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