4 Happy Trip Destinations in Bengal

4 Happy Trip Destinations in Bengal

Here are some gems that you must visit as soon as covid gets over and everything gets normal. Every time you can go for a Sundarban trip but there are many more other places to visit too.

Here we go:


Kalimpong is one of the happiest destinations that you can visit while you are visiting North Bengal. It is a hilly area but not at a very high altitude. Covered with clouds and green mountains it gives you a feeling of fairyland. It takes you so high at your spirit that you feel blessed with the experience. Kalimpong is one of a kind place with something very beautiful to see:

  • Place of Attraction: Delo Bungalow.
  • Foods to enjoy: Nepali Food
  • A place to Stay : Any nice Hotel or homestay
  • Time to visit: Winters


This is a royal place to visit. It was one of the most important places from the Nawabs of the pre- British period. It is a historical place. Those who incline historical places can surely visit this place. You will get to see and know so many histories. You will surely love the place.

  • Place of Attraction: Hazar duari Palce, Nizamat Imbambara etc.
  • Foods to Enjoy: Bengali and Mughlai
  • Places to stay: Hotels
  • Time to visit: October and March


What more can I say about this place? The more I say the less. Every one of us knows that Sundarban is a world heritage and people from all over the world Love to visit this place. If you have not been on a Sundarban trip yet then you must do it as soon as possible.

  • Place of attraction: Sajnekhali, National Park
  • Foods to Enjoy: Pure Bengali Food
  • Places to Stay: Hotels, Resorts, and Houseboats
  • Time to Visit: Any time is the best time.

Mirik :

Mirik is a very beautiful spot. It is situated on the banks of a beautiful Lake. It is close to North Bengal. Do you know what Mirik is known as? Yes, it is known as “The Valley of the Sun”. How amazing it is, isn’t it! Mirik is a picture-perfect place and it has many beautiful lakes and mountains all about.

  • Place of attraction: Pashupati Nagar, Orange Orchard, etc.
  • Foods to Enjoy: Bhutani and Nepali
  • Places to Stay: Homestay is the best
  • Time to visit: March and July


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