4 Place for You to Celebrate Holi in West Bengal

4 Place for You to Celebrate Holi in West Bengal

So, you are on the lookout to celebrate Holi. This is the festival of color and everyone at this time stays very excited and happy thinking they will do something different this year. We understand your excitement and that is why we thought of writing this blog for you so that you can enjoy Holi with great vigor. Holi is a festival that you can’t celebrate alone or in a congested area. For it, you need an open space and a place that has that vibe of Holi celebration. In West Bengal, there are many places where you can go for celebrating Holi, but today we will specify the four places where the vibe of Holi is completely different and you will feel and enjoy the most. Though those who know about Sundarban tourism prefer that place only. But there are three more places to explore. Let’s see.


Holi and Shantiniketan are vice versa. They can’t be separated. If you think of celebrating Holi in Sundarban then the first spot that comes to your mind is this. Here Holi is celebrated in a very different manner. Girls and boys dress up fascinatingly and then celebrate Holi with songs, dance, and color.


Purulia is a very beautiful place in West Bengal. Purulia is famous for its Chou dance. It is a kind of folk dance there. But Holi is also celebrated there with equal pomp and festivity. So, you can surely choose Purulia to celebrate Holi.


The next comes Sundarban. This is an amazing place and beautiful in all different manner. Take a Sundarban tour from Kolkata and enjoy Holi in Sundarban this time. You will love it. There you will surely enjoy a safe and fun Holi.

Eco Park Kolkata:

The Eco Park in Kolkata is something very amazing. Here you need to enter by buying tickets and therefore, you find no horrible event here. You enjoy a safe and secure hold here. So, come with your loved one to this place. Here Holi party is just amazing.

These are the places where you can surely have immense fun during Holi and click some great pictures with your loved ones. Holi is a time when we forget all our fights and quarrels and celebrate this festival with love. So, do celebrate Holi but keeping in mind that it doesn’t cause anyone’s worry or irritation.


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