5 Astonishing Offbeat Places You Should Explore by Sundarban Houseboat

Offbeat Places sundarban

‘Every adventure starts with a single step towards an offbeat place! And let’s start with Sundarban tour!’

When we plan a vacation we always want to go to places where there are no crowds, no noise, to basically connect with nature. But with the present situation of huge population, this is easier said than done.

But what if I told you that there is a place only 100 km from Kolkata which has dense jungles and bountiful locations?

You would think I am crazy right? Wrong! The place is our very own Sundarban!

Sundarban’s Hidden Gems to Be Discovered!!

Everyone knows that the beauty of Sundarban is only can be explored by Sundarban houseboat.

Getting tired of watching all the time the famous places? Okay, this time go to these 5 offbeat places in Sundarban-

1. Chargheri Char

Want to witness how an octopus or starfish move in the water? Then come down to Chargheri Char Village in your Sundarban trip!

It is one of the southernmost villages in the Sundarbans. For the adventure lovers, you can take a mud bath in these villages.J



With clear open skies, warm sun, pristine beaches, Jhorkhali is considered to be the gateway of the Sundarbans.

The greatest attraction of the area is the Tiger Rescue Centre – here you can see the great felines who are rescued and treated for injuries.

3. Dutta River

While in an offbeat trip, you must take a boat ride down the Dutta River at an affordable cost of Sundarban houseboat. This ride soothes your mind as well as soul and you might just be able to connect to all the beauty in it.

Sit on the deck of a boat at night and get enchanted by the beauty of the thousands of stars that can be seen twinkling overhead. Wow!

4. Hiran Point

Hiran Point

Here, you can really get close to nature as mostly crocodiles, monkeys, deer, and the Royal Bengal tiger are found on this island. Hiran point is also a favorite for bird lovers as it is the main confluence for all the different species of birds.

On this island, there is a three-storeyed resthouse, where you can stay to catch a glimpse of the glowing eyes peering through the forest.

5. Sitarampur Beach

Looking for an eye-catching beach which is yet to be overcrowded with people?

Then you have not to look further, the southwestern tip of the Sundarbans is home to the Sitarampur Island. With its clean beaches, beautiful sunsets, and calm ambiance – the Sitarampur beach will soon become the go-to destination for all.

Excited to discover all these hidden beauties? Then, what are you waiting for? Hire the trustable Sundarban Tour and Travels to make your trip memorable one at a reasonable rate.

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