7 Mind-Blowing Facts of Sundarban Tourism

7 Mind-Blowing Facts of Sundarban Tourism

Where life meets nature there, I belong…

Where birds still sing melodies songs, there I belong…

Where the tiger’s roar involves human love… there I belong…

 I belong to Sundarban… I belong to Bengal…

Yes, Sundarban is the pride of Bengal and every single Bengali has a proud feeling in their heart when it comes to Sundarban.

Today in this article, we shall like to draw your attention towards the amazing facts about Sundarban tourism.

So without wasting any more time, lets dive into the amazing facts of Sundarban.

1. Venice is smaller than Sundarban: Sundarban is amazingly ten times larger as compared to the beautiful city of Venice. Sundarban is spread on an area of 4000sq.kms. In the Indian Territory, Sundarban has humans inhabit 102 islands among them 54 islands and rest is covered with dark green forest.

2. World’s largest Mangrove: Sundarbans are the proud world record holder of world’s largest mangrove forest of 10,000squre kilometers.

3. Sundari gave the name Sundarban: The name Sundarban is derived from the large number of trees found in this area known as Sundari.

4. The Royal Bengal Tigers: The There are 400 or more royal Bengal tigers in this area, which makes out to be the largest populated area occupied by tigers. A fact makes Sundarban tour and travels more opted by people.

5. Magical Sundarban Night Safari: Sundarban looks marvelous during the nights. There is a microorganism known as Phytoplanktons, which reflects light on a night and gives the area a magical feel.

6. Permission Granted: if you require staying in Sundarban, you need to take the permission of the forest ranger officers out there. Once they say permission granted, you can easily stay in Sundarban.

7. Human Population: Sundarban has a population of about 1000 person per square kilometer.

Why wait just go…

This is our Sundarban and we are proud of it. Just visit it and enjoy the beauty and elegance of it. Enjoy this beauty of Sundarban and feel the beauty of life.

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