7 Things to Do in Sundarban for a Fun-Filled Holiday Experience

7 Things to do in Sundarban

India may have a bunch of enthralling wildlife destinations but Sundarban attracts the most nature lovers for its pristine and riveting environment.

The Magical Land with Diverse Flora & Fauna

The largest mangrove forest in the world, Sundarban is known for the charming Royal Bengal Tiger, gushing waterways, and obviously rustic village life. This famous UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ideal place to visualize wildlife at its best. Consists of up to 102 islands on the Indian side, Sundarban is a nature lover’s delight and every photographer’s dream.

You can also find a few wildlife sanctuaries here which add so much glory to your Sundarban tour.

Exciting Things to Do In Sundarban!!

Sundarban is not only about spotting tiger, but there are also more activities which you can opt to do during your vacation like-

1.    A glimpse of the Roaring Bengal Tigers

How many times have you dreamed about catching the beauty of Royal Bengal Tiger from close proximity? It seems impossible, yet Sundarban bids you a chance of making your dream of sighting a tiger from a short distance while on a safari.

Wow! Amazing to hear right?

2.    Boat Ride on the Narrow Canals

Hundreds of canals are spread across Sundarban, which are the life-line of the greatest mangrove forest on earth. A ride on a boat on these canals will give you the opportunity to witness the beauty of lots of birds and animals.

3.    Experience Panoramic Vistas of Dolphins

The dazzling sights of Dolphins will make your vacation worthy and memorable. A cruise safari takes you to the open area where the cute dolphins await to offer you an incredible display of their movements.

This Dolphin show will also be included in your cheapest Sundarban tour package.

4.    Bird Watching at Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Located in the northern portion of Sundarban, Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary offers you one of the best chances you ever dreamed off to see exotic birds. In the midst of lush greenery, there is a watchtower where you can explore numerous bird species including, kingfishers, sandpipers, herons, Caspian tern, etc.

5.    Take a Tour of Local Villages

Imagine a wildlife travel experience in Sundarban, with rural tourism, where you can get connected with the tribal people to know about their culture. Experience the lifestyle and witness the local dance drama cultural programme, ‘Bonbibi Pala’. Moreover, you can also take cooking classes to learn to cook local food.

6.    Go for A Night Safari In Sundarban

Do you hear about Phytoplanktons? They are the small autotrophic components that bear the properties of glowing in the night. Well, night safari will give you the chance to explore them. Such a mind-blowing moment will be for you, right?

7.    Visit Netidhopani to Seek Blessings

Netidhopani is a picture-perfect iconic place in Sundarban because of its serene lake and ancient houses. Yet, the attraction which makes this place a not-to-miss travel destination in Sundarban is a 400-year old temple, which has religious and historical significance.

Still thinking? Don’t be! Make your plan asap! Get in touch with Sundarban Tourism for your next family trip for a memorable vacation. Happy Journey!

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