A Beauty That Bewilders You: Sundarban

A Beauty That Bewilders You: Sundarban

Stopping by the woods that day,

I thought…

Whether it’s real or fake?

Soon the wind whispered

In my ears!

It’s Sundarban, My love …

Welcome to the bewildering


-Miss Roy

Yes, those who have visited Sundarban know and there is nothing new to tell. It’s captivating and it’s engrossing. You can’t resist its beauty and you can’t compromise with it. What you can do is, shake hand with it and get lost in the Sundarbans mangrove forest.

How is Sundarban Different from all?

With a charm of its own, it captivates. It’s not a decorative beauty but it’s something you look for. There is nothing well arranged or properly decorated. But it’s also true that there is nothing artificial. You find there proper small huts, just as you saw in a painting when you were just a kid.

You find there beetle gourd tree and a canopy of other trees in the far distance. Similar to kids first drawing. It gives you nostalgia, It prepares you for the future. There is nothing you can’t relate to and there is nothing you can ignore. What you can do is just engrossing.

The most captivating part of Sundarban:

  • The first soft wind that touches you while you just entered Sundarban.
  • The slight murmuring of the river throughout the day.
  • The forest that says ” Welcome to adventure”.
  • The love of the locals that entwines you.
  • The folk song that makes you poetic.
  • The boat ride gives you an unknown feeling.
  • The mysterious night and the happy day.

 Why should you visit Sundarban?

You must visit Sundarban because you want to be free from your regular humdrum of life. You want to feel happy ,  you need to be in such a situation where you can think and where you can grow. Sundarban allows you that space, that calmness of life, that technique to live and be who you are. Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest all over Asia. It has some unique qualities.

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