A Blessed trip to Sundarban with Sundarban tour operators

A Blessed trip to Sundarban with Sundarban tour operators

If you ask me, I shall say after some long violent days when the storm calms down a bit we feel like visiting Sundarbans. Sundarban gives us immense peace and a calm heart. It is green and blues the colors that calm our hearts and bestow peace respectively.

If you believe in color therapy then you must know that it affects some very important parts of our brain. Colors can enhance our brain to a great level. So, one can visit Sundarbans not only for its wild beauty but for the Variety of colors it has to offer.

Do you know even a mentally depressed person can thrive in peace with color therapy? Sundarban has immense of green and blues. It also has the serenity of nature, openness of forest, calm atmosphere everything that can help recover a person suffering from mental illness.

The Story of blessed Sundarban trip:

Today I am here to talk about my blessed journey to Sundarbans. It was the time when I was suffering from some acute mental illness and nothing was able to stable me down. My parents were worried and then someone suggested visiting Sundarbans. We booked a package of Sundarban tour for 1 Night 2 Days.

I was reluctant to go to Sundarbans in the beginning, but thanks God I visited.

Here is what I enjoyed:

1. A patch of deep blue waters:

As I was mentally ill at that time, I could not see the world as others saw. To me, some symbols and signs mattered much. As I was entering Sundarbans I was able to see a patch of deep blue waters and suddenly I settled down. It had a deep impact on my mind.

2. A tiger with black and yellow stripe:

The next day as I was out for the safari I could see a calm tiger with yellow and black stripe looking at me. I was not afraid rather gained back my logical reasoning back.

3. A place of peace and serenity:

Sundarban gave me the vibe o peace and serenity; I didn’t at all felt the place was unknown to me. I felt very peaceful and knew I belong here only. This was Sundarban tour experience with a package of 1 Night and two days trip. What is yours? Do share!

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