A proper Foreigner Guide to Sundarban

A proper Foreigner Guide to Sundarban

In India, many foreigners come from different places to enjoy and learn a lot of things. Similarly, foreigners do come to India to enjoy some days in Sundarban. However, many times we have seen that these foreigners can’t find their way out after reaching Kolkata. They feel lost or out of place when they reach India. In such a case it is a very bad image of our country. So, we thought of writing this blog for India’s sake. If a foreigner reads this blog then he or she will know how to travel to Sundarban smoothly without any hazards.

This blog is going to be a simple and clear-cut guide to Sundarban for any foreigner. Imagining that they do not anything about the tour and simply after landing in Kolkata, they decided to come to Sundarban then what are the steps they can follow. Moreover, the Sundarban tour package from Kolkata must be selected carefully.

Let’s begin:

Form Kolkata Airport Plan:

As soon as you land in Kolkata your planning starts. You check on Google Map the distance of Sundarban from Kolkata and now you know how and where to reach. Now the next step of your planning start.

Call the travel agent or go by yourself:

Now the next step that you will have to decide on is will you call a travel agent or go by yourself. A travel agent is a local person he will know the place better than you do so you can choose him. If you have a trust issue then you can also decide to travel by yourself.

Do the dealing carefully:

Next the car you book or the travel agent you decided upon must be dealt with carefully. You have to do the dealings well and carefully. If you do not know something like the rate or the actual cost know from the Local people.     

After reaching, book the hotel properly:

Now when you have reached Sundarban you must book the hotel or the houseboat carefully. Book it well and deal with the people there carefully. Though they are very good people you will have nothing to worry but still staying alert is not at all bad.

Enjoy the amazing Sundarban:

Sundarban is something to enjoy and feel free. So, enjoy Sundarban and feel amazing there. It is natural land and you will feel happy to see the wild there. So, without any delay get on to enjoy everything in Sundarban. So, this is a proper clear-cut guide to Sundarban and any foreigner can follow it and enjoy Sundarban to the fullest. Even if you want to stay in Sundarban boat that will also be availed to you through this method. Enjoy and take good memories of this place to your place.

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