A Story from the Land of Royal Bengals

A Story from the Land of Royal Bengals

Those who have traveled to this land of Royal Bengals known as Sundarban, know-how exfoliating this journey is. It cleanses you from within and keeps you safe and happy within. This is not man-made land but a natural delta. It was created by God and remains as the world’s largest delta ever made.

This land has so many heart-snatching stories to tell and so many loves to offer. A proper Sundarban tour for 2 nights 3 days will help you get the bliss of it. 

What all to enjoy?

A houseboat ride:

This is something unforgettable and genuine. The houseboat ride is so good and fresh. It is one of the best things in Sundarban and you can never ignore it. The houseboat ride takes through Sundarban but amidst its rivers and forests. It is nothing less than a real adventure in itself.

A jungle safari:

Then comes the Jungle Safari. This is a complete adventure. You see those wild animals in their natural habitat just close to you. You feel amazed and happy too. You might feel a little scared at the beginning but soon all fears fly off and you start feeling great about the tour.

A mesmerizing night:

The night is amazing here. A Sundarban tour 2 nights 3 days is what you must take up to feel the night in here. You hear folk songs, enjoy bin fire. Enjoy the dance also dance together with the locals. It’s a gala time.

Some tasty dishes:

What more can I say about Sundarban’s food. It is more than delicious. You will just fall in love with the food you get here. It is more than tasty and healthy to have.


Should we travel to Sundarban Now?

No, now is never the right time to travel to Sundarban in the best manner. It is the time of covid and you must never take a risk during this time. It will be a real disaster.

When will all the tourism start?

It will start soon, nothing to worry about that. Everyone is trying their level best so that the situation comes under control and everything can start soon. But it will take a little time. So hold on for now.

Do I need to get tested before travel?

Yes, it is very important to get tested before you are about to travel. In this manner, you not only stay safe but you even keep your co-passenger safe too. So, always keep in mind that testing is very important.

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