Adventure on Cruise in Sundarbans

Adventure on Cruise in Sundarbans

Sundarbans are the most beautiful forest rather than mangroves in India. They have an abundance of everything from greenery to wildlife and a peaceful environment. When life is so hard and as a swing in other parts of the world, in Sundarbans, the environment is completely different.

Here you will get to see a slow lifestyle, with very few modern facilities available at your disposure. If you are bored and tired of your humdrum life in the towns and the cities, then this is the time for you to take a break to a place that is still unknown about the fast forward in the towns.

Sundarban is situated at a distance of 80 km from Kolkata and you can soon reach here in a car after you have landed in Kolkata. When you will be coming to this place, you will be astonished by the number of greens, open water bodies that you will get to see throughout the area.

Therefore, when you have decided to come to this place let us tell you about another surprise waiting for you in this area that is the facility of the cruise.

Stay in Sundarban:

Yes, there are many good hotels in Sundarbans where you can enjoy a comfortable stay. However, we will suggest you stay in houseboats while you are in Sundarbans. Why so? It is because Sundarban Houseboats gives you the actual feeling and essence of staying in Sundarbans.

The houseboats are always in water and they have all the comforts that you can imagine in a hotel.

Facilities of a houseboat:

A.c and in-A.c rooms are available here.

Great food to taste.

The night sky is beyond comparison.

The fun of staying in waters day in and day out is just amazing.

All your basic, as well as luxuries needs, are taken care of.

The thrill of enjoying a Royal Bengal Tiger from so close.

Are you tempted?

After reading the article, I am sure you are excessively tempted. So don’t wait anymore rather come and enjoy the Sundarban Boat service today.

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