All about My 1 Day Tour

All about My 1 Day Tour

As I think of Sundarban, I get goosebumps. I start to think about what made it so beautiful and mesmerizing. It is a normal natural land and its feel is absolutely out of the world. Many times I have visited Sundarban, but never have I gone tiered of it. Every time I visit Sundarban, I see it differently and in a new form. Personally, Sundarban is my second home. I love it completely and if I am to visit Sundarban a thousand times I am ready to. It is a kickass place and I am totally into it.

But always choose the Sundarban tours and travels properly. It is very important if you wrong it then your tour will be in danger.

Though I have visited many times, Last year around this time I visited Sundarban with my family for a day. Today I shall talk about that visit here:

We started early:

If it is a one-day tour then you will have to start early because it’s just a day if you waste most of the parts of the day just by traveling you won’t be able to enjoy Sundarban.

Reached before noon:

We reached there in Sundarban just before noon. It was a nice journey and we enjoyed it a lot throughout the journey. I will just love to say that it was a fun bus ride with the family. I will love to live these moments again and again.

Enjoyed lunch:

We enjoyed the lunch together and the food was so delicious that it melted in the mouth. It was an awesome lunch and I loved the food that they served. The cook cooks some fantastic dishes.

Started the tour:

Now I with my family started the tour and enjoyed it so much throughout. It was one of a kind tour and I loved the experience.

In the Afternoon returned:

In the afternoon I with my family returned on the bus. It was an amazing experience throughout. I will love to live those days once again. A proper Sundarban tour 1 day tour is an amazing thing. You must enjoy it at least once with family or friends.

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