Being a Sundarban Guide for a Foreigner to help Enjoy Better

Sundarban tour from Kolkata

Being a Guide is a big duty and when you are trying to be a guide of natural beauty like Sundarban, you must be extra careful always. When people take a Sundarban tour from Kolkata especially the foreigner they are not having any clue of how the tour will be, you must know how to guide them in the right manner.

To be a proper Guide:

Proper Knowledge of the place:

You must have proper knowledge of the place you are visiting or trying to be a guide of. You are going to help the foreigner enjoy the place with your knowledge. So have proper knowledge of the place first by yourself.

Patience is important:

Be patient and wait for the foreigner to understand everything. Do not lose your patience in any situation. This will never make you a good guide. You will always be disturbed.

Always have a smile on your face:

A good guide always smiles and keeps his tourists happy with the knowledge of the place he shares with them. You must be well versed in their language too. So that you can help them understand in their way.

Know the foreign language:

Knowing the language of the foreigner is very important that gives you confidence and a better understanding of your tourists.

There are many Sundarban packages a foreigner must choose the right one for them. You can guide them in choosing the right package too for a comfortable stay and travel.


What difficulty does a foreigner face in Sundarban?

When a foreigner comes to Sundarban, he doesn’t know anything about the place. He is completely unknown about the place and therefore, even the simple things seem to him or her as difficult. Then only a good guide can help.

How to be a Good Sundarban Guide?

If you want to be a good Sundarban guide then, first of all, you must have good knowledge about the place. If you have a clear knowledge about the place then you can guide the foreigners easily through it.

What are the responsibilities of a guide?

A guide’s responsibilities can never be neglected. They are responsible for anything wrong happening while traveling. They must be very much capable and a person with all the knowledge of the place.

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