Condition of Sundarban after Yash Storm

Condition of Sundarban after Yash Storm

Life has always been very difficult for the inhabitants of Sundarban because they had to face different types of natural calamities for staying near the huge water bodies. Every year one or the other storm-hit Sundarban and huge destruction occurs. Last year it was ‘Amphan’ and this year it is ‘Yash’. People of Sundarban stay in mud huts and these types of the storm takes away everything from them even the roof above their head.

It is a really critical and very difficult time for the people, animals, plants, and everything that is there in Sundarban. We may sit in our houses and pray for them but the problem they face is completely their own. For days they do not get anything to eat, nowhere to stay, and live their life in complete uncertainty.

Though now the government of West Bengal is very active and prepares for the storm beforehand so that the people out there do not need to suffer much. The steps taken by the government this time are:

  • Vacating people from the red alert are from beforehand.
  • Taking them to the relief camps and safe homes so that no harm comes to them.
  • Arranging for food as well as shelter for those whose house has been completely damaged.
  • Helping to take out the floodwaters from the village as soon as possible.
  • Those who are affected sending relief to them.
  • Ensuring funds for the damage that has already occurred.

Moreover, the government is always there for moral support too.

Though all these steps have been taken still no one can beat the natural occurring. It has come and did the damaged it was ought to do. Though the people are save from the Cyclone by the government their livelihood is completely damaged. They are mostly fishermen, farmers, etc. All their work has been damaged and swayed away by the storm.

The Animals of Sundarban are suffering a lot. Water has entered the National Park of Sundarban, the tigers and other animals are suffering a lot. They are facing this situation without any relief. No one knows what can be done to save them or give them comfort.

Ending note:

However, like every year this year too will cope up with the prevailing situation, but the situation that has come now is devastating and dangerous. We all must lend our hand in some or the another way for their help and support.

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