Delight your eyes and mind with a ride on West Bengal houseboats

West Bengal houseboats

A calming ride on houseboats can work as a therapy. Trust me or not but it’s a fact. The Shikaras in Kashmir, the houseboats in South India are too much high rated and overtly talked about. Little do you know about your own West Bengal Houseboats?

In Today’s Blog, we are going to talk about the beautiful and spectacular houseboats found in West Bengal. Those who are rolling their eyebrows, guessing maybe I have gone mad because I am saying Sundarban has houseboats, no I have not gone mad.

Yes, Sundarban does have a houseboat and that too some spectacularly magnificent one. Are you already excited and could not hold yourself anymore from knowing which that is a place, then here we go:

Most Spectacular Sunadarban Houseboat

Yes, Sundarban has some most eye-catchy and delightful Houseboats. These Houseboats not only aid you in going from one place to the other in Sundarban but also allow you to stay and spend some quality time with yourself or your loved ones.

These houseboats are well built with different kinds of AC or NON AC rooms so that they can comfort you in every manner. Not only this have had they served you delicious foods so that you can enjoy your ride on the houseboat while relishing some tasty dishes.

On this amazing houseboat journey, you can enjoy some spectacular sights like you can experience a Royal Bengal Tiger drinking water from the same river your houseboat is floating on, you can also see some amazing mangrove views and what not?

Time to experience it on your own

If you want you can go for the rental service of Sundarban Houseboat and enjoy the spectacular views. For more information on these houseboats, you can go through this blog too, “Why Sundarban Houseboat, not Hotel?“.  Fell it yourself.

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