Destination Sundarban from Kolkata

Destination Sundarban from Kolkata

Mysterious land

With unknown destiny

Sculpted with love

Amidst greenery

-Nabanita Roy

The poem is dedicated to Sundarban and Sundarban alone deserves it. A spectacular land in the vicinity of Kolkata, surrounding on all sides by water bodies. It is a delta, so big that it has become a small town. Sundarban is divided between two countries India and Bangladesh.The part within India is near to Kolkata. That is why reaching Sundarban from Kolkata is feasible and preferable. So people those who want to come to Sundarban, come here from Kolkata.

Reason Sundarban is easy to reach from Kolkata:

  • Sundarban is just 102 km away from Kolkata.
  • Most of the touring agents start their journey from Kolkata.
  • Reach within 1 or 2 hours to Sundarban.
  • Not much journey hazards.

The Sundarban package form Kolkata is not much and if you pre book it, will cost you really less. So, wait no more but book it now.

How to Reach Sundarban from Kolkata?

Reaching Sundarban from Kolkata is easy when you have pre booked a proper Sundarban tour from Kolkata. They will plan everything for you in advance.

  • They will book the car or they may have their own car.
  • You after reaching Sealdh or Howrah will reach out to them.
  • They will definitely drive you safe to Sundarban within no time.

Ensuring a safe trip:

To ensure a safe trip to Sundarban you must be travel ready. Understanding the present situation always carry your mask, sanitizer, medicine and never forget to maintain social distancing.

Although a proper travel, guide will always ensure all these but it’s never bad to be preventive.


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