Dreamy Stay at Sundarban Houseboat

Sundarban Houseboat

Where the beauty of nature is at it’s best…

Where the sky rests on tree’s top…

Where the animals move around freely…

Where the humans live a simple life…

I want to wake up one morning at

This dreamy place…

–     Nita

Do you wish the same? Are you also tired of this hustle and bustle of everyday life? Do you want to experience complete peace and serenity?

This article will take you on a ride to your dream destination of the Sundarban houseboat stay.

Have you ever been on a houseboat before? Do you have an idea about them?

If not, don’t worry … continue reading…

The reality of a houseboat stay:

Houseboats are” water hotels”. Does this term “Water Hotel” fascinate you? Wait for the end you are going to be more surprised.

Imagine a beautiful boat that has the facility of food and lodging. The lodging and food that they provide is nothing less than an “A” class hotel. The rooms are well decorated and furnished.

The boat moves through the water and helps you stay close to nature. Every morning when you wake up and open the window, you find yourself surrounded by nature’s beauty.

At night, you can experience the amazing night view of Sundarbans. The silent and noisy nature speaks up together. It is an experience of a lifetime.

Moreover, the Night sky is so dreamy. If you are lucky enough to get a clear sky with a full moon and stars, your trip will surely be a successful one.

The Food you enjoy at a Houseboat:

Bengalis are food lovers and their day does not complete until they get something to relish upon. These houseboats are not only a great place to stay, but also a wonderful place to enjoy some striking dishes.

The Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner that they serve on a houseboat is just unforgettable.

You will surely feel like a King and Queen whenever the food will be served to you. This is the exotic feel of a houseboat.

The sight to see while on a Houseboat:

It is a fact that you are always amidst nature while you are staying in a houseboat. Therefore, you always easily access the island.

Moreover, the Houseboat where you are staying will take you to the different National Parks, Watch Towers and other places of wonder. You can also watch a Royal Bengal Tiger while sipping on your tea on board (if you are lucky enough).

You do not need to book a jerry to travel from one place to the other. Your water hotel will carry you everywhere. Therefore, houseboats are more convenient, more enjoyable and more accurate choice while you want to visit Sundarbans. This is the best part of Sundarban Tourism.

Why wait? Book your houseboat now:

If you want to enjoy Sundarban to its fullest, you must book a houseboat now. Sunderban houseboat rental is easy if you find difficult to book, contact your tour operator.

This Holiday Sundarban is about to be Explored!

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