Five Best Sundarban Resorts to Spend Time with Family

Five Best Sundarban Resorts to Spend Time with Family

Sundarban’s beauty is so expressive and vibrant that rarely a camera’s lens could grasp it. However, if the lens is not the camera’s but your eyes, then the scenario can be a bit different.

WORK! WORK! WORK! In addition, no play makes Jack a dull boy. Whether it’s going to the office, attaining school or compressed in regular household duties all these activities slowly squeeze out the fun you within yourself.

If you are not habituated in taking sequential intervals from your daily humdrum life, trust us soon you will start to lose yourself both physically and mentally. I want to maintain yourself throughout your life, then BREAK is a must.

Twice a month during the weekends, you can plan a short trip to some nearby amazing tourist destination. Today we are here to talk about one such destination i.e Sundarban.

So, while you are thinking of going to Sundarban we will also assist you in making your stay a comfortable one. Here is a list of five best Sundarban Resorts.

1. Solitary Nook:

The beautiful Resort that is situated in Pakhiralya, which is just beside the Dayapur Jetty Ghat is just amazing. It is nestled in the Sundarbans National Park and provides you with the most amazing view of all time.

The stay here is much comfortable and natural.

Per Night per room, the cost is Rs 2800 approx.

2. United 21 Resort Sundarbans:

This resort is situated in Gosaba, is surrounded by greenery, lawns, and a cozy atmosphere all around. The sight itself makes you feel so relaxed and light. If you were worried about something, soon your worry will vanish forever.

Per Night per room, the cost is Rs 3200 approx.

3. Sundarban Gateway Resort Gosaba:

This resort is in Dulki Village and is situated in the heart of Sundarbans. Here you can come with the heart of adventure as well as comfort.

 Per night, per room cost, is Rs 2000 approx.

4. Sundarban Tigerland Resort:

This resort is in Gosaba and a bit far away from Sundarban National Park. Here the rooms are very cozy, well equipped and any kind of guest can feel it as the best.

Per night, per room cost, is: Rs 1000 approx

5. Banani Resort Sundarbans:

This resort is for lazy travelers who want it cozy and comfortable. If you are at Sundarbans only for rest and bit of climate change then this resort is best for you.

Per night, per room cost, is Rs 1500 approx. These are the five best resorts where you can spend a good time with your family and be at peace with yourself too.

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