Five Best Tourist Destinations in Sunderban

Five Best Tourist Destinations in Sunderban

Let the light of the life be lit once again… here we are

“Unsure of their future existence, they survived. The inhabitants, they had interlocked their lives with the wild… centuries old tradition followed and carried on…” – Sohini the Babe!  

Talking about the extreme wild of Bengal the Sundarbans

The two things that pop up in our mind while talking about Sundarban are:

If you are from Bengal and did not explore the Sundarban tour, you have missed a completely different frame of Bengal. Sundarbans is our pride, our emotion, and our blessing.

Being a Bengali We welcome you to explore this evergreen and ever beautiful queen of the wilds THE SUNDARBAN.

Here is a list of 5 Best Places to visit in Sundarban :

1.The Sundarban National Park

This National Park of Sunderban is the World’s most loved and largest forest of Mangrove. It is known to be the mother of the ecosystem. This park is located where the Brahmaputra and Ganges meet in between Bangladesh and India.

This forest has a different variety of flora and fauna and due to our bad handling of Mother Nature; they are at the verge of extinction. Not only had this it supports the largest Tiger populated area. 

2. The Watch Tower of Sundhanyakhali

This is a watchtower from where you can view upon some eye-soothing beauties of Sundarban. Once you get up on the top of this watchtower and if you are lucky enough, you get to see that royal beast hurdling together.

Not only tigers you can also view upon those little ponds, grasslands, and the magnificent mangrove forest.

You can also go and visit the museum that is close to the watchtower and gain some extra knowledge about the flora and fauna of the land.

3. The Island of Halliday

This Island bears another name that is the wildlife sanctuary. There is a total of three wildlife sanctuaries in Sundarban, this is one of them.

It is situated on the river Malta of the southernmost part of Tiger reserve.

4. The Kanak

The name is so pleasant for the ears …right!!

Not only is the name also the view is extraordinary and beautiful. You can get to see the cute Olive Ridley Turtles here.  

This place is known for its shallow beach and water.

5. The Crocodile Project of Bhagabatpur

This is one of the most loved and significant tourist destinations in the Sundarban. A crucial crocodile projects of Bengal.  

While you visit this place, you will get to know the beauty and the importance of the place really well.

When and how to visit Sundarban

Just before wrapping up, here are a few suggestions before you plan your visit to Sundarban:

  • Visit Sundarbans in the months of September and March.
  • Travel with a travel guide or tour planner for a better experience. Do experience the Sundarban houseboat rental services
  • Carry a lot of mosquito repellents, necessary medicines, and comfortable clothes.

Now it’s your time to explore the wild! Go what are you waiting for!!

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