Five Essentials to keep in Mind before Going to Sundarban Houseboat Trip

Five Essentials to keep in Mind before Going to Sundarban Houseboat Trip

Hello, guys here we are back again with some scintillating idea on your fascinating trip to the amazing Sundarbans.

Excited to know! Then hop in with us on the houseboat that takes us straight to those five important tips that you must keep in mind if you are thinking of spending your holiday on a mind-blowing Sundarban houseboat.

Ah! Just thinking about houseboat I am getting Goosebumps! It seems so exciting and fascinating.

Whatever! Putting my dreamy thoughts about Sundarban boat apart… Let me just tell you there is nothing so serious that you need to keep in mind while thinking of the Sundarban houseboat trip. However, as you are visiting a place that’s surrounded by water, insects, mosquitos, wild animals there are some precautionary measures that you can follow.

1. Take your floaters with you:

Yes, you are going to stay on the waters day in and day out, so floaters are a must. Though Sundarban houseboats are well built and have all safety measures still for strengthening the safety walls you can always carry your floaters.

They will help you if any mishap happens while you are in the waters. I hope nothing such things happen.

2. Sunscreen is a must:

Now when it comes to Sunscreen, we say you must carry some good high SPF contained sunscreen, why so because at Sundarban the heat is sometimes too much to bear. Your skin is delicate it might get heavily tanned due to the sun. So better carry a sunscreen.

 3. Take some good mosquito repellent:

A mosquito repellent is a very essential thing to carry while going to Sundarbans. The mosquito repellent is so handy and good things that protect you from some very ride and unwanted guests the mosquitos.

Never forget a good mosquito repellent while traveling Sundarbans.

4. Take slippers and jungle boots:

You must remember you are traveling to a jungle and there it is a must that you carry good shoes. Never carry some fancy extraordinary shoes at Sundarban you shall regret it.

Carry your slippers to use in the houseboat and carry some good jungle boots to wear while you will be travel in the jungle.

5. Carry cotton clothes:

Never carry georgette or any heavy material cloth at Sundarbans. It’s a place where people go for adventure your costly dress has no use there. It is always good to carry some soft cotton clothes at Sundarban.

This will give you ultimate comfort. So, guys wishings you a great and happy journey I stop here today. Be happy to stay safe.

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