Heart Warming Sundarban Houseboat Trip in January

Heart Warming Sundarban Houseboat Trip in January

Where the heart flies without fear

I belong there…

Where the mind is boundless

I celebrate there…

Where wild winds fly

I want to go there…

Where mysterious stories are written

I dream there…

This is the condition of an adventurous heart that always searches some new heart throbbing stories. There is nothing much to do in an everyday routine and boring life. To get that spark of life, one needs to bounce off the humdrum life affair and get into some absolute mind-blowing adventurous trip.

The year 2020 is around the corner and you might be making different plans. If still, you are in the planning processes then we have a great new offer for you. It is not actually an offer rather a ravishing plan that you will love to execute.

Therefore, here it goes…

Day 1: The Beginning:

Packed all your bags, had the last call with the travel agent and the next morning is your Flight to the city of Joy Kolkata.

Day 2: The Landing:

The flight has just landed in Kolkata and you are enjoying some delicious rosogollas at the travel agent’s office.

Day 3: Journey starts:

On a comfortable car, you and your fellow travelers have headed off to Sundarban. Your heart is excited about some recent adventures.

Day 4: The Place:

Your first step on Sundarban’s soil and you start smelling the adventure in the air. You find yourself surrounded by green and blue means forest and water bodies.

Day 5: The Houseboat:

You woke up in one of the Sundarban Houseboat. These houseboats are equipped with all the latest facilities and functionalities. You get the comfort of a good hotel and enjoy the adventure of staying in a Sundarban boat during the night in the water.

Day 6: Enter the forest:

Now it’s time you enter the forest with the forest guide and enjoy a mind-blowing adventure. Royal Bengal Tigers, Different species of birds and other wild animals all come together to make your trip amazing and fun.

Day 7: Relax:

You are sited on the houseboat at Night and experience a Royal Bengal Tiger jumps over your roof into the waters. You hear it roaring and growling. Later at night, you keep on gazing at the clear sky full of stars and lose yourself in some beautiful nostalgia.

Day 8: Return:

Again, you have packed up all your bags and you are excited as well as sad because today is the day to leave this amazing place.

Day 9: The Drive:

This time you are driving back to Kolkata from Sundarban and your heart is completely free from all the worries and troubles of everyday life.  Now you have a refreshed mind, great enthusiasm, and super energy.

Day 10: Back Home:

You returned home from an amazing trip and you are ready to give your year a kick-start. What say? Isn’t it ravishing? If yes, then plan your January Sundarban trip today.

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