How about a Private Tour during Covid-19?

How about a Private Tour during Covid-19?

Look there is no way you can deny that you are bored and frustrated by staying at home for so long. Each of one is frustrated. You want to travel, feel refreshed and be aware and safe. However, not all the places are allowing you this facility. Then what now. Will you have to stay in your home for long now and soon you will be so depressed that you will fall sick?

No no no , before situations gets so deadly we have come to your rescue. We are here to tell you that a Private Sundarban tour is possible and you can easily arrange for it with your tour organizer. Sundarban tours are going on but with very few people. So, if your are someone who wants to enjoy a Sundarban tour but privately then your tour organizer can avail you that too. This private tour can include your close family members or may be some friends.

Now let’s know some criteria of this tour:

  1. If you want to book a houseboat for your stay then in it only 10 persons are allowed. This is for your safety and security. We do not want you face any trouble during travel. So better if it is a family tour.
  2. If you are not carrying a mask then you are not allowed in this tour. A mask is more than necessary. You must wear it always.
  3. Social distancing is also something you must keep an eye on. Do not mix around with people a lot.
  4. Sanitizer and cleanliness is necessary. Though the travelling guides will do their part in it, you must also keep an eye on it from your side. Better be safe than attacked.

Sundarban is very much aware about your health and fitness.

Travel but be safe:

Though Sundarban is allowing travelers, still it is for the slogan that you must travel but be safe. Safety comes first and then anything else.

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