How should you enjoy Watching Royal Bengal in Sundarban?

Royal Bengal

Sundarban is a World Heritage and it became world heritage because of only one singular reason that is its Royal Bengal Tiger. Once upon a time these Royal Bengal tigers were getting extinct and to save these tigers UNESCO came to the forefront. They took all the responsibility to save these tigers from extinction and soon the tigers were no more on the verge of extinction and were saving and restored. Soon UNESCO declared Sundarban a world heritage and to date, it is precious to the world. So, the moral of the story is The Royal Bengals are very special and important. The tiger reserve in Sundarban is visited by thousands of people worldwide every year and they all come to see mainly these Royal Bengals.

One more piece of information that you will like is, the Sundarban mangroves are the only mangroves in the whole world where these tigers prefer to live. No other mangroves are inhabited by tigers.

Coming back to the main question that is how should you enjoy these Royal Bengals in Sundarban, so the way you must enjoy is very simple.

1.Don’t worry they are safe:

You must not worry when you are enjoying the tigers out there. They are safe and they are not ferocious if no situation like this occurs. They are friendly and feel happy when they see humans.

2.Follow your guide:

Always when you are visiting the wild and know that it might be a dangerous tour then always follow the guide whatever he says. It is because he knows a bit more than you know about the place. So, better follow him.

3.Wear proper dress for the forest:

You must always wear a proper dress when you are visiting the forest. Wear cotton clothes, do not over-dress and wear a light and cool dress. So, that you can feel happy wearing it.

4.Come back before evening:

Forests are not safe at night so try to come back before evening. If you do so then you will be in a safe place and you have already enjoyed it too. So, what more do you want when you have enjoyed and been safe too. he Sundarban tour is very beautiful mind-blowing. You will love it all together. There is no point where you will feel bad or out of place. Just you need to know how to enjoy yourself safely. That you know now. So, enjoy.  

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