How to go for a Safe and Hygienic Trip from now On

hotel in Sundarban

Safety and Hygiene are now the two sides of the same coin. Recently with the corona situation, prevailing everywhere this is very important and mandatory. Safe is when you are hygienic and when you are hygienic you are safe, it is a vise a versa thing altogether. So, from now on where ever you travel you must travel while following safety and hygiene.

Due to the covid situation, the tours and travels to Sundarban are all closed down. Nothing is functioning. This is a very big crisis period for the travel companies but they are agreeing to it and staying closed because they acre for your safety. So, you must also understand the priority of the situation and stay home, do social distancing and wear a mask. Sanitization is also very important for you to do now and then.

Now to stay safe and hygienic during a trip you must select the hotel properly because that is the place where you will be staying. So, the hotel in Sundarban is of prior importance now. If the hotels are selected well then half of the problem will get solved.

Follow this:

Talk with the touring agent:

Before you finalize any touring agent, do have a talk with them regarding which hotel is fit for you to stay. Which hotel is hygienic and safe after covid. These are very important to ask.

Choose the best hotel:

Now when you have a list of the hotels, choose the one that suits your budget and also your needs. This will give clarity on the tour you are taking up. Have no doubts in your mind about the hotel.


If needed you call up personally to the hotel and ask them about the hygiene. If they can assure you about their safety and hygiene only then stay in their hotel.

You carry your safety kits:

You must also carry your safety kits. This will keep you a lot safer and happier while you are traveling. Worry no more. Just travel and feel happy with your loved ones. This is the only way you can stay safe while you travel and do not bring in any unwanted virus or germ for you to worry about. Maintain the rules and stay safe always. Choose a hotel in Sundarban well.

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