Is Sundarban Tour Possible During Durga Puja in Covid-19 Period?

During Durga Puja in Covid-19 Period

A vacation during covid-19 is something very unimaginable. This is a period of grief and dissatisfaction. People are locked down in their houses and do not know or have any assurance when things would get normal. This is absolutely a period of trauma and unknown fear. However, holidays come and people think of vacation. Now recently Durga puja is approaching and all of you are thinking of a breakthrough. Sundarban tour this durga puja is possible only if you can maintain some basic rules that you need to follow while Sundarban tourism.

Sundarban is a beautiful place and Bengali people love to visit this place anytime and every time. When you cannot go to any other place during this time, the Sundarban is the best option during this Covid19 period. Look there is no legal announcements from the government whether people can visit Sundarban during this durga puja or not but Bengalis are festival loving people and durga puja is their biggest festival. During this time, their mind allows them a break through. They feel like enjoying and merry making.

So may be the government will allow but with restrictions such as:

  1. Have to maintain social distancing.
  2. A big group of people cannot be allowed.
  3. Carry all sanitization products with you.
  4. Maintain your own and other’s hygiene too.
  5. Feel free to in from if you face any problem.

Yes, I know most of you would say with so much restriction how can you actually enjoy Sundarban. However, trust me if you do not enejoy in this manner no one can save you.

Hard time will pass:

This is a hard time and this will surely pass away. But how you want to get rid of it that depend s upon you. So be safe and secure so that nothing can actually harm you.

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