Just a Day’s Break

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I am a corporate professional and the word “BUSY” is may be my favorite word, at least my acquaintances tell me that.  So, you can guess that free time, or off day is something I rarely get or enjoy. But if with God’s grace I do get a day’s break then there is nothing better to me other than a fine Sundarban tour package from Kolkata. For some reason this makes my day and I feel relaxed. Life seems much more sorted and the continuous busy turns out to be a cakewalk for me.

You can obviously tell that the work that I do so easily and with a smile on my face is possible only because I can go to Sundarban for a days’s break.

What do I mostly like doing in Sundarban?

  • I like to be all by myself and don’t want to get disturbed by any. I look at the far distant green land sitting on a resort’s couch and feel relaxed from within.
  • While it drizzles outside, I sit at the corner of a window with a hot cup of tea and some toasts. Munching on my toasts and sipping on my tea I feel solace.
  • When we always stay busy, our brain stays in a super confused mode. But when I come to Sundarban a person within me says life is sorted.

When Do I like going to Sundarban?

I am a very comfy and cozy person so I like to go to Sundarban during winters or during monsoons. These are the time according to me are the best time of the year to visit Sundarban. I always try and book all the Sundarban tour package during this time.

To Conclude:

Just before I stop here, I would just like to say that Sundarban is a very beautiful place and you must give it a try this time and I hope you surely like it.

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