Last Minute Tip to Stay in Sundarban Resort

Last Minute Tip to Stay in Sundarban Resort

OK! Therefore, your big day is just at the corner and you are tensed, excited and overwhelmed. Yes, we understand your mixed feelings and truly relate to it.

However, amidst all the excitements, there are some important things that you cannot dare to forget before you leave for Sundarban.

You are heading for a Jungle that has the entire wild in it. No doubt, it is very beautiful and mesmerizing, but you cannot forget it’s dangerous too without some safety measures.

Therefore, what are those safety measures or what are those tips for you to have a happy and safe stay in the Resort, is down below.


Medicines are essential. You must always carry it with you when you are out. However, while in Sundarbans you must be extra careful that you carry medicines for fever, stomach problems, airborne problems, etc.

These are just precautionary measures for your happy and secured stay at Sundarban. 


Sundarban is a forest area and while you are planning to travel to this area, you must put on some mosquito repellant. Take a strong and moisturizing mosquito repellant.  This will protect you from all the harmful mosquitoes that hover around the Sundarban area. Make your Sundarban Tour comfortable with it.


While you pack your clothes for visiting Sundarban, make sure you pack cotton clothes. Sundarban is a hot and dry place and it is always better to wear cotton clothes out there.

If you have packed some clothes of harsh material, soon unpack them. They will just cause ruin to your health and nothing else.


Shoes are necessary while you are at Sundarban. Carry shoes that are adaptive to the jungle environment. Shoes must have proper frictional power, proper grip, proper moisture lock and comfortable.

You can go to some nice branded sports shoes. This will help you run, walk and feel light. 


Going to Sundarban and not carrying your glass is a loss. Glasses not only make you look smart and beautiful, but it also protects you from harmful UV rays of the sun.

With a good sunglass, you will feel a lot cooler in your eyes and keep your eyes safe from some harmful rays.

Now off for your Tour:

What are you waiting for now? Enjoy a great stay at Sundarban resort. Hope your journey turns out to be safe and comfortable.

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