Planning a Sundarban Trip? Let’s Do it Together

Planning a Sundarban

O my God! It has been long we have not planned a travel and tour anywhere. This covid19 thing has not only taken millions of lives but it also has many living souls into trouble by locking them up indoors. This diseases is something which is incurable and snatched away every one’s peace with it’s deadly claws. Few days earlier people were so afraid to move out of their house even. Now situations are a bit in control. Government has allowed people to travel to Sundarban. This is a huge relief for all. It is because if this travel was not allowed people would have suffocated in their houses.

Now Sundarban tourism has taken up all the responsibilities to bring the tourists maintaining all sanitization and hygiene measures and also make them travel in the similar manner. That is why a hats off to the Sundarban travel agents those who are allowing people to be safe and free of all hazards during covid19 and travel happily to Sundarban.

Now let’s plan a small trip to Sundarban:

1.Pack less but must pack sanitization kits:

It is ok if you take less clothes and other stuffs. But it is not at all ok if you take less sanitization products. You must get yourself sanitized everytime. It is very necessary while you travel.

2.Travel with few people:

Do not travel with a large group of people now. Travel with 10 or less than 10 people. You must maintain the social distancing. This is very important and necessary.

3.Enjoy and be tension free:

Now when you are already in Sundarban then enjoy to the fullest and do not worry about anything. Just be happy throw away all the worries and enjoy happily.

Travel well:

Sundarban tour West Bengal tourism is very careful about your safety so does not worry just travel with fun. Worry less travel more.

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