Specialty of Sundarban Houseboats

Specialty of Sundarban Houseboats

Sundarban is itself a very special place and the houseboats in it are more than special. The Sundarban houseboats were developed after many considerations. They were developed so that people can enjoy Sundarban in a different manner. Therefore, when these houseboats were made, there were tons of things going on in a person’s mind. Sundarban is a wild place. Wild animals and birds surround it. It is also a delta and even people exist there.

So, when houseboat was being planned to be in Sundarban, it took a lot of calculations and caution for the concerning bodies to put it at such a place. There is always a risk of a tiger jumping over the houseboat and this has happened. But never any tourist has been harmed or will be harmed ever. This is the specialty of the place and the houseboat too. If you ever be in Sundarban and take a houseboat ride of stay in the houseboat, you will understand how amazing it is and its experience. Those who have been in Sundarban and taken up this amazing houseboat ride, they have always been amazed with the specialty of Sundarban’s houseboat and it’s sturdy built.

The best part is these houseboats stay in the waters for 24*7 and give you an astonishing view of Sundarban day and night. This is something if you do not experience on your own you will never understand.

Therefore, here are some specialties about Sundarban Houseboat:

  1. Very well arranged and scientifically designed.
  2. Specific arrangements made for protection against wild animals.
  3. Both A.C and Non A.C rooms for all comforts.
  4. Great food served.
  5. Amazing Night and day views.

All these things need your attention so that you can experience them and enjoy a happy stay. Trust us the stay will be so much mind opening that you will be able to clear out your mind and feel happier.


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