Sundarban is beautiful for its wonderful wild animals

Sundarban is beautiful for its wonderful wild animals

Beauty! Beauty!

Everywhere… beauty around the corner.

Beauty is beautiful with wild animals

Playing with fun.

River and wild

Forest and sky

All conspire together to make it

Sound… like

Beauty! Beauty!

Everywhere… beauty around the corner.

Poetic yes it is poetic the atmosphere around Sundarban is poetic. So many poets take refuge at Sundarban to let out their wildest nature in the pages of their notebooks.

Sundarban is not only a beautiful place but it’s also a place of abundance. Today in this article, we will talk about the wilds of Sundarban. Sundarban is not only about Royal Bengal Tigers, but many beasts inhabit this island.

Here is a list of animals at Sundarban Forest:

1.Royal Bengal Tiger:

Royal Bengal Tiger

These tigers are native of the Indian Subcontinent. They were a threatened species even a few years back. However, with the wildlife management committees’ strict eye on them, they are now well preserved and safeguarded. 

They are wild but well behaved only if you treat them well.

2. Fishing Cat:

Fishing Cat

They are medium-sized wild cats, and you will find them in Southeast Asia. However, you need to stay safe from these cats because they are very vulnerable and wild. Sundarban issues an alert from these cats.

3. Leopard Cat:

They are generally small in size and a native of South East Asia. They have accrued a least concerned on the IUCN Red List. They are a lot in number and sometimes properly threatened.

4. Macaque:

They are wild monkeys found in the Sundarban region. They are generally harmless but if you disturb them, they will make your life hell. They generally hop around from trees to trees and stay on the roof of people’s houses.

5. Wild Boar:

In simple terms, they are known as wild pigs. They are found in the Greater Sunderban Islands. They are harmless and feed on smaller garbage in the forest.

6. Indian Grey Mongoose:

These species of animal is generally found in the Indian subcontinent. You will generally find them in pairs. It eats on rodents and snakes.

7. Jungle Cat:

As the name suggests they stay in Jungles. They are wild and seasoned to stay in forest areas. It is their favorite habitat place.

8. Chital:

They are also commonly known as spotted deer. They are generally found in the Indian Sub continents. So, here is a list of all the wild animals that you find in Sundarban. Once come to Sundarban to see them in real.

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