The Lady of the forest- Bonbibi

The Lady of the forest- Bonbibi

So, have you ever been to Sundarban? Or maybe you have heard about Bonbibi . If not today, you shall know it all. Sundarban is an amazing place. A place everyone feel very close to his or her heart. There are many reasons why Sundarban is so famous. Believe in the vibe of Sundarban and enjoy the place.  So get that Sundarban tour package from Kolkata and come to Sundarban as soon as possible.

Let’s talk about Bonbibi now:

Banbibi is also known as Bandevi and Bandurga. She is the guardian spirit of the Sundarban forest and she is prayed and believed by all the communities of Sundarban. The best part of this is that there is no division of Hindu or Muslim while praying to Bondebi.

The woodcutters and the honey collectors mostly celebrate Bondebi when they think of entering the forest. They feel when they pray to her because they know she will protect them from the attacks of the tigers. While you visit here get the best Sundarban package then they will tell you everything about this.

There are many stories attached to this bondebi. It is said that there is a demon king, Dakkhin Rai and he is the major enemy of Bon debi. This demon appears in the form of a tiger in front of those who enter the forest. The bon debi protects the human beings from this demon. Therefore, she is so well prayed and loved. Everyone believes her. You must also pray her before you think of entering the Sundarban forests. You will stay safe and feel a lot of strength in your heart.

What do People Ask?

  • Is entering Sundarban forest safe?

A: Yes, Sundarban forest is safe only if you enter it with a good guide. They will guide you and keep you safe.

  • When Should I go to Sundarban?

A: You must come to Sundarban anytime and every time. There is no particular time to come to Sundarban.

  • Is Sundarban costly?

A: No, Sundarban is not at all costly; it is safe for your pocket.

Get to see Bonbibi

Now come to Sundarban and get to see Bondebi and offer prayer to her before entering the forest.

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