The Panchamukhi Rivers at Sundarban

The Panchamukhi Rivers at Sundarban

Sundarban is a wonderful place in West Bengal. The name Sundarban means a beautiful forest. The name itself suggests the beauty of the forest. This is a unique place in West Bengal and people of West Bengal are very proud of having Sundarban so near to them. Occasionally every Bengali does visit Sundarban.

Nowadays the Sundarban Tour Booking is also made simpler and hazardless. You just need to give a call to the tour agent and they will plan and arrange everything for you. You just only need to pay the money. This is the season of some holidays and you must plan a tour to Sundarban at this time. Sundarban is not a city area rather a rural area therefore; the cost of living here is not very high. People manage at a very minimum budget. This is also a very important thing to learn from Sundarban.

You might be wondering what this Panchamukhi River in Sundarban is! Panchamukhi River means the five rivers that have their mouths towards Sundarban. This unique attracts many people in Sundarban. You can’t always find five rivers together coming towards one direction. Sometimes it refers to some religious stuff also.

Let’s not get into that rather we will give you a brief about these five rivers here:

1. Padma:

A very important river in India and Bangladesh. It is one of the main distributaries of the river Ganga. It flows towards southeast for a length of 120 km and then makes a confluence with the other river Meghna close by the Bay of Bengal.

The Rajshahi city is near the ban on this river.

2.  Meghna:

It is one of the most precious rivers in Bangladesh. This river is one of those three rivers that make the Ganga Delta. You might be interested to know that it is the largest delta on this planet. 

3. Bhairab:

The river is near about 160 km in length. It is also one of the distributaries of Bangladesh. It one of the most important rivers in Bangladesh.

4. Madhumati:

The longest river of the beautiful Bangladesh and distributaries of Ganga. It passes through many districts of Bangladesh.

5. Hugli:

You can say that Hugli is the Ganga of Bangladesh. This river is 260 km long and one of the distributaries of Ganga. This Ganga divides into Giria in Murshidabad into the Padma. Therefore, these are the Panchamukhi Rivers famous in the Sundarban area. Do come to Sundarban and visit them soon. The West Bengal Tourism gives the best Sundarban Tour.

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