Top 7 Best Hotels in Sundarban

Top 7 Best Hotels in Sundarban

Sundarban is such a scenic place to stay and enjoy a holiday. These beautiful places have great hotels too to add on a comfortable and eventful holiday. If you have been to Sundarban before you might have stayed in some of the good hotels out there. However, in this article, you will get to know about some of the best hotels in Sundarban for you to stay and enjoy.

Let’s begin:

1. Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge:

As with the name, you can understand where the hotel is located. However, if you are confused with their respect and comfort for the guest. Just don’t worry. They will take care of you well. They have all the latest facilities like Amenities, Foods, and Drinks, Wonderful exterior, etc.

Their rooms are also very comfortable.

Address: Sunderbans, Pakhiralaya, Post, Gosaba, West Bengal 743379

Phone: 03218214960

2. Hotel Sreya:

This Hotel is one of the most budget-friendly and well-equipped hotels in Sundarban. It is located in Gosaba and to your surprise, it also has a bar. An ll the rooms in this hotel have wonderful arrangements for both family and friends.

Starting from foods, drinks, Air condition, 24*7 desk service everything.

You will not face any problem in this hotel.

Address: Sundarban, Pakhiralay, Gosaba, Pakhiralay, Gosaba

Phone: 0124 620 1327

3. United-21 Resort Sundarbans:

This hotel is also situated in Sundarban Gosaba. It is a well-placed hotel and your family will enjoy their stay here. Here you will receive free breakfast, Air condition rooms and all of these are included in your room bill itself.

So do not think of the expenditure anymore just think about the enjoyment.

Address: Near Tiger More, Gosaba, District- 24 Parganas South, Pakhiralay, West Bengal 743370

Phone: 022 6184 1444

4. S2 Hotel and Resort:

Luckily, this hotel is also situated in Gosaba. Hotels in Sundarban are so developed these days. We feel so proud of these hotels and therefore call you to stay in such hotels that have all the modern amenities and comfort for you.

You will face no such troubles in this hotel, rather stay comfortably here.

Address: Gosaba, Satjelia Rd, Pakhirala, Satjelia, West Bengal 743370

Phone: 083369 21096

5. Suranjana Holiday Resort:

This hotel is situated in the Dayapur resort in Sundarban. Trust me you will love this hotel and will love its fell and view especially during nights. It is supporting all the modern facilities and availing all the comfort to you.

You must visit Sundarban and stay in this hotel at least once. 

Address: Sundarban, Dayapur, Gosaba.24 Praganas(South)West Bengal

Phone: 03220 266 525

6. Apanjan Hotel:

Amidst all the greeneries and natural world, this wonderful hotel stands. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the modern world, it locates itself away from everything but still avails you all the facilities of modern life.

Your mind will reach the state of peacefulness once you visit this hotel.

Address: Pakhiralay, Gosaba, Sundarban, Pakhiralay, West Bengal 743370

Phone: 0124 620 1327

7. Ekanta Apan:

Located in Jharkhali Park Road is the hotel where you can stay if you are too concern about your budget. It is a budget-friendly hotel and avails all the facilities you deserve.

Address: Jharkhali Park Road, Jharkhali, Lot No 126, West Bengal 743370

Phone: 099338 81111

Trust me you will never regret the stay. Hotels in Sundarbans are the best.

Why wait to plan your trip today:

These holidays plan a trip to Sundarban and enjoy some really special and quality times with your loving family and friends.   Make your stay in Sundarban Hotel amazing.

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