Travelling Through Sundarban Villages

Sundarban Villages

Last year I was reluctant to go to Sundarban. However, my parents took me there and I had to go because the Sundarban Tour Package was already booked. I was feeling extremely bored because I am an introvert and I do not like to mix up with people so easily. Later when I landed in Sundarban the experience I had is something to be shared.

Therefore, here I am today. Let’s begin:

1.A whole new world:

Yes, Sundarban is a completely new world that you will love to explore. I never expected it to be so beautiful and amazing. However, it is amazing and just at the first sight, you understand that you are not in the same arena; you are in a kind of different place.

2.Mysterious Forests:

Sundarban has some of the most amazing mysterious forests that you will just love to explore. They are so amazing and fun that you think you must get into one of them and explore some magic out of them. Yes, they are so beautiful.

3.The Boat Ride:

I never expected a boat ride to be so amazing. You just feel like you have entered a fairy land or maybe you are Alice and you are in the wonderland. The boat rides you through the river and you slowly get to explore and feel the vibe of Sundarban.

4.The Village Tour:

I just loved the village tour. The people in the village are so simple and humble. They talk to you in such a loving and caring manner. You feel like you are home away from home. Yes, it’s true I am an introvert but I too loved the village and its villagers.

5.The Night Sky:

We choose to stay in houseboat and the experience I had in it was just out of the world. I just loved the experience and felt like never coming out of it. At Night, the sky seems so perfect and beautiful all cladode with starts and moon.

You must go to Sundarban:

Yes, now I recommend Sundarban to everyone. I must say there are few places on Earth as genuine as Sundarban. You must travel out there feel free and stay happy. The Sundarban Package is genuinely good.

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