What extra to do in Sundarban

What extra to do in Sundarban

Many of us love to travel. Many a times you might have gone to Sundarban too. Now you doubt why else or what extra can I do in Sundarban. The most beautiful place trun to you bas because you do not get to do much. But what if you have lots to do and lots to enjoy there?

Yes, today in this blog you will know what extra can you do in Sundarban to enjoy their better. There are many things more to do in Sundarban. Your amazing Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days is going to count.

1. You can meditate: Yes, Sundarban is a calm place and if you want you can choose to meditate there. It is the right place for meditation. You will feel so good and better due to that. Even many of your problems will tend to solve.

2. Learn the local folk song: Rather than just enjoying the folk songs you can also tend to learn them. They are actually very beautiful and meaningful. If you tend to learn them then you will feel better and happier.

3. Learn some local dish: Every time you relish the local tasty dishes this time try to learn them too. You will see you tour left you with a new skill in your pocket. What can be better than that?

4. The stay: This time rather than staying in Sundarban resort choose to stay in the houseboat. It is amazing and very beautiful experience. Know it yourself and enjoy fully. Hope you have a very amazing and happy stay in Sundarban even this time.

Happy tour ahead.

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