Why Shouldn’t get Confused with Mixed Reviews of Sundareban?


Sundarban- A land of simplicity and pride of Bengalis and Bengal. Sundarban is a world Heritage and people from around the world come to this land to enjoy the simplicity that it never loses. If you didn’t know then for your knowledge I must tell that Sundarban is such a land that has many hidden gems:

  • It’s a natural-made delta and no artificiality is there in it.
  • It joins two countries India and Bangladesh.
  • Migrating birds find a home here for some season.
  • Different animals live here in Harmony.
  • It has a national park known as ” Sundarban National Park”.
  • Hilsa is the most famous fish here and it is celebrated too.
  • Mostly a village area and people are as simple as earth.
  • Bengali food here is just too tasty to have.

You can feel all these if you take a Sundarban tour 2 nights 3 days. You will be able to explore more and enjoy more. However, on the internet, you get mixed reviews about Sundarban. Some say too good about it some say bad. You do not get confused about whom to listen to and whom not to listen to. This is normal. But during these times, you can do this:

Do your research:

Always do your research, do not wait for the other person to tell you or influence your opinion. Know form proper blogs, trusted source, See pictures or documentaries, etc.

Stop taking people’s opinion:

Do not pay heed to people’s opinions. They are only there to misguide you. You will not be able to gain any fruitful knowledge from them. So, better not listen to them.

Visit at least once:

Take a Sudnarban tour from Kolkata on yourself. If you come you will know what is the truth. Then you won’t have to depend on anyone for telling you about Sundarbans.

Book best travel agent:

Always remember to book the best travel agent while you are coming to Sundarban. This will be an advantage to you in many ways. So, you will be able to enjoy more and without any complain. If you follow these tips and tricks then you will never be misguided when you are going for a Sudnarban tour.

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