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Is there any restriction in Sundarban tour for using plastic bags?
Yes, there is. We cannot discard any waste in the rivers including plastic bags. If you carry plastic bags, please make sure you throw it in the dustbins.

Is Sundarban tourism safe for children and olds?
Sundarban is a habitat which has human settlement scattered all around. So it is. Regarding our launch it is constructed so as to make the Sundarban package tour from Kolkata of old and children equally enjoyable and safe.

How much safe at staying night in launch for Sundarban tiger safari?
Staying at night in the cruise is amazing. We carefully decide the anchoring place. The launch is equipped with all security measures which are generally required. One of the Sundarban tour guide stays not asleep 24 hrs. We do not compromise on safety and comfort of our guests.

Which is the best season of Sundarban?
Winter is the suitable and pleasant season for traveling in Sundarban. But the adventurous travelers and animal lovers can select summer and rainy seasons as package tour for Sundarban. In these seasons pressure of tourists are lesser. That’s why the chance of visibility of wild habitats is higher.

What kind of identity proof do we need ?
Indian nationals need any kind of photo id proof, and for foreign travelers original PASSPORT is a must, which they have to carry on their travel. We do all the necessary permissions and permits.

Can we make any date for our journey or the Sundarban mangrove tour is to be made only on your scheduled dates?
Any date can be arranged if the group of travelers is within 12 to 15 persons. If the group consists of only 5 to 6 persons, separate arrangement on launch can be made for them against extra Sundarban tour package cost.

What are the charges for children?
Children between 3 year can travel free with family. Children 4 year to 9 year have to pay 60% of the total tariff.

Which is the ideal dress for Sundarban tourism?
Sufficient winter garments must be carried along with in winter as it might get cold. But it is better to bring light cotton clothes during summer for comfortable staying. To enter into the villages try to wear such dress that covers the entire body.

Is the summer intolerable for making tour to Sundarban?
No, the weather of Sundarban during summer is quite comfortable than Kolkata. Due to presence of many canals, creeks, rivers, a cool and pleasant wind blows always. Besides the existence of dense forest the terrible sunrays are restricted.

Which necessary items should be carried to travel Sundarban Jungle Safari?
Essential medicines and sufficient cash must be carried because there is no medicine shop and ATM counter. Except these, torch, personal mattress, pillow, bed sheet, sunglass, camera, extra carry bags, napkins etc can give extra advantages.

Is there any hidden cost in your travel package for Sundarban?
No, there is absolutely no hidden cost in our package.

Does your Sundarban travel agency allow alcohol drink in launch?
No, we arrange this trip for a group of people. Some may like it but it can create disturbance for others. We cannot allow it for maintaining peace in the trip. Secondly, as it is a trip in river, accidental drowning occurs anytime.

Do you provide foods including lunch and dinner in your Kolkata to Sundarban trip?
Yes, absolutely. The cost for Sundarban tour is being made with catering charge.

Does the launch of Sundarban Boat Safari move at the night?
No, the cruise is anchored at night.

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