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With dreams, lots of imagination and love, the present travel website Travel Chuti Chuti has become a reality. The overwhelming urge to travel has always been there, and it was accentuated especially after reading the epic novel Chander Pahar by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay in schooldays.

Wildlife has always attracted me right from my childhood. I have been hearing that in Sundarban National Park, crocodiles live in the rivers while tigers prowl on the banks.  It gave me goose pimples just to think about Sundarban National Park. Now let me introduce myself. I am Samir Sarkar, a Web Designer by profession, and I run Software Company.

The chance of visiting Sundarban National Park for the first time occurred in 2010, when a local travel company organized a Sundarban national park trip. But what was touted to be a dream trip of three days turned out to be a single day trip in the forest, the rest days being spent getting to Sundarban National Park and returning home. Quite naturally, I had to return home with a heavy heart. Later on, it turned out that most of the travel agencies operate trips to Sundarban National Park in this fashion itself.

But the travel bug had not only bitten me, but turned into an obsession that always haunted me. I decided to travel again to Sundarban National Park. But I could not find someone who would guide me deep into the Sundarban National Park. I started learning about Sundarban tour from different travel magazines. Finally, I decided to go all alone and hired a launch for five days from my small savings. My fellow travelers were my wife Nabanita, my cousin brother Dayal, and another person working in my office called Dipankar, the people who have been dedicatedly working right from the beginning to make Travel Chuti Chuti a success.

We traveled as much as we could in Sundarban National Park, including the different rivulets and other attractions of the area. The presence of different wild animals in the water and forests made Sundarban National Park an entirely different experience of its own. Sometimes it seems a beautiful place while other times, it was quite creepy and adventurous.  It was March and there was a sudden rainfall, which happened to be the first rainfall of the year. It was raining heavily and the sky had darkened. As the launch was making its way through the rivulets, the scene typically resembled the Hollywood blockbuster Anaconda. I was mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the water, forests, wild animals, and the quaint villages of Sundarban National Park. My first-hand experience with the lifestyle of the people of Sundarban National Park completely changed my perception about this world’s largest Tiger reserve and the National Park of India.

It is nigh impossible to describe the lifestyle of the people of Sundarban National Park in few pages. People live here with a constant fear of becoming victims of tigers and crocodiles. And poverty has only added to their woes here. To know Sundarban National Park, one needs to know the people here. We returned home wiser with the lingering memories of Sundarban National Park.

Our Sundarban National Park adventure story was greatly appreciated by people back home. Many of them who had earlier toured Sundarban National Park showed interests to visit Sundarban National Park like we did. They wanted us to lead them for the tour as we did when we visited Sundarban National Park. A group was formed comprising of these people and some local enthusiasts who had never visited Sundarban National Park before. With strength of 40 people we set our journey to Sundarban National Park on 23rd January, 2011. We planned for a three-day tour and included few of our last visited tourist spots.

Our Sundarban National Park tour was a thundering success as everyone, including those who had never visited the area before as well as those who had earlier visited, was full of praise for the adventure.  Many of them urged us to open a travel agency. And these words of wisdom turned our passion into our profession. Initially, the first few Sundarban National Park tours were conducted on an experimental basis. I hired the locals of Sundarban National Park as I found these people quite hardy and their love and enthusiasm to serve outsiders were beyond compare. Many of these good souls lived in poverty and providing them with jobs was a natural choice for me. The joy and happiness that these people get while working for my travel agency gives me an immense sense of content and fulfillment.

Since then, we have been conducting regular Sundarban National Park tours, adding more values to the tours over the years. We have named our travel agency as Travel Chhuti Chhuti and cater to tourists both from within India and across the world. We are constantly improving upon our tour practices as we take into account newer facilities and changes coming into effects. We are always open to your suggestions and improvements for better services.

We always strive to stay aloof of business aspect and try to provide the very best to our tour services so that travelers can know the true aspects of Sundarban National Park. Otherwise our sheer existence as Chhuti Chuti travel agency becomes useless.



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