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The Sundarban travel agnecy “Travel Chhuti Chhuti” was not built in a day. The will power to know about this largest Ganges delta in the world with the active support of local people was behind the formation of it without only business intention. Our organization takes up various activities throughout the year. The activities are mainly Sundarban oriented and framed according to the demand of tourists. Their feedback after travelling makes the activities more enriched.

Visit to Sundarban villages:
There are 18 villages under Sundarban Development Authority in West Bengal. The occupational structure of its population is mainly based on fishing, agricultural farming, honey collection, nip collection, wood picking, carpentry and many more. Their livelihood is not so easy that there are dangers in every step. The silent attack of Royal Bengal Tiger on the land and sudden ambush of crocodiles and sharks in water devastates their innocent normal life. The natural calamities are also equally responsible for their miseries. As Sundarban is situated on the confluence of Ganges delta and Bay of Bengal, geographical location makes more cyclones prone. Due to global warming the lands are gradually shrinking. With all these difficulties, the delta dwellers are struggling tremendously for their survival. In spite of hostilities it is the foremost attraction to the tourists to observe their simple lifestyle and unadulterated hospitalities. The mud walk, thatched hut, granaries, cow sheds, mud bathing, cattle in the field and the plenty opportunity to take village life photography are major attractions to the lovers of Sundarban.

To make conversation with local inhabitants:
The Sundarban guide of our travel agency arranges the opportunity for direct conversation with the local people of this place. Their struggling experience with fierce Royal Bengal Tigers, cruelest crocodiles and sharks makes the conversation lively. The horror feeling of these delta dwellers can be experienced in own way. The fishing incidents from normal days to in cyclonic weather are also shared by them. How the shattering cyclone AILA in 2009 devastated their simple lives and their continuous fighting against these reverse climatic conditions they share. The accent of their language and body language are also very alluring to the tourists from Kolkata to Sundarban. They also share their own experience of tiger attack to the nearest member of the family and his death. There is no other intention of adulteration and gimmick in their tearful saying. What we observe in dramas and silver screens now it is on our own eye.

Episode of Narrative Opera of Bonbibi and Jhumur Dance:
Our travel agency organizes cultural programs with the aid of local people. They perform the narrative opera of Bonbibi and Jhumur dance within the Sundarban package tour cost. No costs are being charged on the tourists to watch such wonderful evening programs. This is a rare opportunity to view such cultural programs as all artists belong to these delta villages of Bengal. Though these operas are engraved in the mind of local people by struggling in real life, no modern artists can do that performance like these tribal artists. Bonbibi is the local goddess worshiped by delta dwellers for defeating Dakshin Ray (The power of Royal Bengal Tiger) to lead their daily life. Besides the famous Jhumur Dance is organized by tour agency. The local artists are involved to present this delightful performance surrounding camp fire in winter. Performers supply enthusiasms to take part each and every member of the member group in the troupe. As a whole the evening becomes very enjoyable and amusing.

Bird watching session:
Boat riding and visit to various bird sanctuaries are one of the greatest experiences of Sundarban package tour. Here you will get bubbly songs of cheerful birds in the wild nature. The continuous concert of them will enrich your mind from all angles. The varieties of herons, egrets, kingfishers show their fishing skills and tourists get amazed by observing their concentration power. The color variety creates wonderful photo session episode among the travelers. Even distinctive types of migratory birds are really the assets of these sanctuaries to attract tourists. We try to cover best of these within the short time span. Total ambiance of the sanctuaries is truly filled the concert of these beautiful creatures of nature. So “Travel Chhuti Chhuti” offers various activities in their travel package for Sundarban. Do not miss it if get any chance from the hectic schedule.

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