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Sundarban National Park & Sundarban Wildlife
Sundarban is one of the most significant tiger reserve forests in India. It is the largest Ganges delta in the world. This wide area of about 13,000 square kilometers is covered by unique mangrove forest with various native trees. In 1973 this largest mangrove forest was declared as an important tiger reserve by Government of India. Gradually in 1977 it became a wildlife sanctuary and grabbed the title of National Park in 1984. Last but not the least Sundarban tiger safari achieved the glorious award of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

The name of this natural wonder of the world came from the plenty existence of ubiquitous Sundari tree in the park. Sundari means beautiful in Bengali and Sundarban means beautiful forest. This National Park is situated in South 24 Parganas in the state of West Bengal. Its geographical location is between 21o 32’ to 21o 55’ N latitude and 88o 42’ to 89o 04’ E longitude. It is situated on 7.5m high above sea level. This tidal halophytic forest contains almost 54 islands and many creeks and inlets of Ganges crisscrosses this park internally. Sundarban in India is bordered by Muriganga river on west side and Harinbhanga and Raimangal is on east part. Matla, Saptamukhi, Gosaba, Thakuran are another major rivers flow through this forest. It has been divided by Indo-Bangla border and the major portion lies in Bangladesh. This boundary line can be seen from watchtowers and all these have enriched Sundarban tourism.

From many perspectives Sundarban National Park becomes an example of eminence to the tourists of Sundarban tour. The meeting of three mighty rivers, Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna create a largest delta in the world which is a prominent part of Sundarban. The visitors can gather relevant information about this largest estuarine forest from the experienced Sundarban guide of travel agency. More than hundred of creeks and rivulets intersect each other and make the mangrove forest tidal halophytic. Being a part of leading Sundarban travel agency travelers get the chance to ride on luxurious launch and reach the proper destination through meandering creeks of Sarakkhali to the core area of tiger project. Various rivers of distinct shapes and sizes named Harinbhanga, Kartal, Gona, Gosaba, Netai, Baidya, Kalindi and many more have to be crossed to reach in wild paradise.

Basically the inaccessibility of Sundarban is the main attraction to the tourists of Kolkata to Sundarban trip and it creates a shrouded in mystery while crossing Pirkhali, Panchamukhani, Deul Varani, Bonbibi Varani, Gazikhali, Jharkhali, Bhagoban Varani to observe the glimpse of natural glamour. These creeks are full of danger with man eater crocodiles, variety kinds of sharks and poisonous snakes. So as a whole the entire journey will become most thrilling and hair-raising for the inhabitants of Kolkata and urban people. Sundarban Biosphere Reserve has wide diversity of aquatic and earthbound flora and fauna. The atmosphere and ecosystem of this area becomes an ideal productive place for natural fish nursery. The violence of cyclonic storms, erosions due to tidal force is protected by the presence of aerial roots of mangrove trees. After all, Sundarban is the domicile of more than 10lacs people and by profession they do fishing, honey, wood, wax collecting by overcome various hurdles in water and land both. Naturally the people from Kolkata to Sundarban are quite eager to know all these features of this wonder place.

The mangrove varieties are the main feature of this place. These are salt tolerant plants and can be grown steadily with salt based soil along with high tides. These are equally capable to resist soil erosion and defense cyclonic pressure. The pneumatophore roots of these mangrove trees are occurred vertically from the soil and take geotropic breath. Almost 80 varieties of mangroves enrich the world’s largest delta forest and have converted it into a best part of tourist attraction. Mangrove plants like Sundari, Garan, Geoa, Keora, Hetal, Golpata, Garjan, Dhundul, Champa, Dhani Ghas etc are in public demand in Sundarban mangrove tour.

The only mangrove dense homeland of tiger is enriched with varieties of faunal diversity. The purity of nature is in grip of Sundarban. The wild animals live here peacefully under supervision of Government in the core area. Bengal tiger is the first and foremost attraction of this jungle and it is needless to say that it is the single largest home for the king of beast. They are very ferocious as they can swim, run, jump silently for finding foods. They are dangerous predators for chital, goats, wild boars and any livestock. Sometimes they enter domestic areas and ambush village people and castles. Besides, Royal Bengal Tiger, jungle cat, fishing cat, leopard, spotted deer, estuarine crocodile, common otter, water monitor lizards, Green sea turtle, Olive Ridley Turtles, River Terrapin, Gangetic dolphins, various poisonous snakes are the chief wild lives of Sundarban. More or less 250 species of migratory and coastal birds make crowd in this amazing landscape. Brahmani eagle is the king of bird dynasty in this place. But in cabinet of this king, there are egrets, herons, cormorants, green pigeons, storks, spoonbills, sandpipers, seagulls, geese and ducks and many more.

At the end of the day, Sundarban becomes more beautiful with the concert of birds returning for nest and sky is painted with awe-inspiring color of rays of setting sun. Gradually the eternal shiny moonlight, star wrapping blue sky and continuous burble of rivers enhances the enjoyment of your night stay at launch. So the travel package of Sundarban brings you in an experience of violent beauty of nature. The boat safari organized by frontline travel company makes the journey along with extra activities. These activities include meeting with local villagers, local folk lore with tribal artists within Sundarban tour package cost. These cultural programs are always based on the story of Bonbibi, Dakshin Ray, Manasa and Chand Sadagar. As a whole, this adventurous wild tour is converted into festi-tour with all these extra wonderful and interesting happenings. Your all dreams come true after reaching this magnificent spot.

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