Visit Sajnekhali Watch Tower

Sajnekhali watchtower is situated in the mangrove forest area at the connector of two rivers Gumudi and Matla. This tower is a high tower from which we can watch forest animals and birds very clearly. There is a chance to watch the movement of royal Bengal tigers. In the winter season, there were more than 1000 species of birds are come to the mangrove forest. You can enjoy the song of these birds along with their dances.

Is it safe to watch the royal Bengal tiger from this tower?

Yes, It is safe to watch the royal Bengal tiger from the Sajnekhali watchtower because this tower is covered by a ferrous weir which can give full protection from the tiger.

Is permission needed to enter the sajnekhali tower?

Yes, Permission is required to enter Sajnekhali watch tower. Most probably all travels agents get permission from the relevant department for their tourist.

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