How to make a suitable package for a Sundarban trip?


We know Sundarban is a front-line tourist place in West Bengal, India. Sundarban itself is an Island by the conjunction of multiple rivers which contains many wild animals, reptiles, wild birds, and many more. Normally mangrove trees are seen in this area. There are too many sights seen are available in Sundarban and nearby areas. So that you should make a perfect customize Sundarban tour package within your budget which can cover to visit all these sights seen with most comfortable. A brief discussion is bellowed.

Now there are many tours and travel operators are available in Sundarban and Kolkata to provide a proper guide for Sundarban tours. They have prepared some readymade Sundarban packages for both existing customers and new customers. Most probably maximum Sundarban tour operators’ one-day Sundarban tour package, Sundarban one night two days tour packages, Sundarban two nights and three days tour packages. Apart from these packages, you can make a customized Sundarban tour package that can suit you. As Sundarban is a conjunction point of multiple rivers you should enjoy Sundarban houseboat riding. Sundarban national park is a tiger reserve area, So you should visit Sundarban national park with the best security. Similarly, all sights seen are well designed from where you can enjoy a lot. You can enjoy nature, You can see Wild animals, reptiles, and wild birds. Also moving of the Royal Bengal tiger from here and there in forest freely. So that some sights seen (i.eSajnakhali watchtower, Bird watching tower, Sudhanyakhali watchtower, Burirdabri watchtower, and many more) are the most secure place to watch the Bengal tiger.

One day Sundarban tour package:- 

Many tour operators are providing a pickup facility from Kolkata by AC/Non-ac van and start the journey to Godkhali. After reaching Godkhali they serve tea and breakfast to their tourists. And after breakfast, they ride the houseboat for Sjnekhali. After getting permission they guide to travel their tourist to Sajnekhali and Sudhanyakhali tower. During this visit, the tour operator serves lunch to their tourist according to menus which are included in this package. After that, they will come back to Godkhali and leave for Kolkata.

One night and two days Sundarban tour package:- 

In this tour package maximum tour operator gives a pick-up facility from Kolkata. After picking up their tourists they start their journey to Godkhali. They serve tea and breakfast in the mid-way of their journey. If you will include your package they can take up you to Gosaba by boat which is covered by more than 100 villages. You can enjoy the Island. Then they will serve you lunch as per package. Then they will guide you to visit many watching towers by getting permission by houseboat. After that evening will come. So that they guide you to come back you to your accommodation place. You can stay at houseboat if you book for night stay at houseboat. Then they serve you evening tea. After that, you can join a fire camp. They serve dinner around 9 PM.

On the morning of the 2nd day, they can serve you bed tea in the early morning. Then you can go for the morning walk. After that, they can serve you breakfast and board you by houseboat to the forest by following all guidelines. In this tour, they will cover the Sajnekhali tiger reserve project, Crocodile project, turtle project, Sudhanyakhali watchtower, Dobanki watchtower, etc. Panchamuhani, and national park. They serve lunch in the houseboat to maintain time. After visiting these spots they will guide you to come back Godkhali. And then start van towards Kolkata. They give tea party at the restaurant on the way.

Two nights and three days Sundarban tour package:- 

For this package, they cover all itineraries of one night and two days Sundarban tour package. But tourists can get more time to enjoy every sight seen. On the evening of the 2ndday tourist can enjoy local folk dance very much. In the morning of 3rd day, they can visit local village and forest to know about the culture and lively hood of local peoples. After that, they will come back to hotels or resorts. After that tour operators serve them breakfast. After breakfast, they start their journey for those sight seen which will not be covered till the 2nd day. They serve lunch in the houseboat. After visiting all sight seen they came back to Gadkhali and from there they leave for Kolkata. On the way, they arrange to serve tea and biscuit or cookies for tourists. This is the basic overview of the Sundarban tour package. Kindly search for a genuine Sundarban tour operator before the final booking of the Sundarban tour. I think Local tour operators can Guide you better because they are aware of Sundarban much better than others. They also hire good and experienced chefs to prepare food for their tourists. So kindly prefer local Sundarban tour operators for the best enjoyment with the best safety.

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