How to save your Time and Money while Visiting the Sundarbans

Visiting Sundarbans can be an adventurous trip. Not only will the nature beauty mesmerize you but the wildlife will excite you like never before.  Situated at the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna, Sundarban, one of the largest mangrove forests in the world and is also a part of the world’s largest delta.

The tour of the Sundarbans is different from most other tours as the principal mode of transport in the Sundarban, are the boats. Boats – houseboats and ferries of various capacity and need are the main mode of transportation in the Sundarbans.  These boat ride through the meandering rivers and the eerie creeks of Sundarbans making your trip an unforgettable one. Thus choosing the right boat and planning the right itinerary is what can make or spoil your trip.

We Sundarban Tourism, one of the best tour operators in West Bengal  bring to you some of the tips on How to save your Time and Money while Visiting Sundarban that will help you experience the true essence of the Sundarbans:

  • Choose the boat wisely: Since the whole trip is boat based choosing the right boat is important. We at Sundarban tourism offer our own boats with the most modern facilities at extremely affordable prices. We own our boats and thereby no middlemen or third party is involved in this service. Our own boats can accommodate tourists up to a group of 20 people.

Travellers can travel with fellow other travellers in a group tour or can book the whole boat to themselves.

Enjoy your weekends at your luxury ac houseboats with all modern facilities. Our boats are well furnished with attached bathrooms for total comfort.

  • Travel with the natives: Being the habitat of the wild, Danger lingers on you throughout the tour. The best way to explore Sundarbans is to be under the safe supervision of a local. Our experienced crew are all mostly native people who have vast experience of the jungles over the years. They understand the tides and the signals way better than the others.
  • Travel flexible, save your time: We understand the importance of your time. Save time and money with our flexible plans according to your need and wish. Skip some regular visiting spots for some less explored spots according to your wish with the help of our on-board native crew. Since we own our boats, flexibility is never an issue, when travelling with the Sundarban Tourism
  • Get Instant tour bookings: Pre-planning is often a problem for people who do not have scheduled holidays. But that should not stop the explorer in you. Visit Sundarbans with any pre-bookings with the Sundarbans tourism. Even a 2-days prior booking can get you to experience the best of the Sundarbans.
  • Enjoy the local cuisine: Get fresh lobsters and crabs for your meal at the least prices, when travelling with the Sundarban Tourism. We bring to your platter the best variety of fishes from the local markets to give you a taste of the region.


Wait no more, book your nearest dates with the Sundarban Tourism and get ready to experience one of the best weekends ever, amidst nature and wild.

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