Must Follow these tips before visiting the Sundarbans

Sundarbans are one of the largest Mangrove forests in the world and it is worth a visit for every travel or nature lover. It is not only famous for the Royal Bengal tiger, the birds etc but also for its serenity and silent beauty of the mother nature.

Sundarbans is mainly a water travel program and almost all distances are covered by boats and ferries. At times it can be as dangerous as beautiful it is. Thus it is very important to follow some dos and don’ts during the trip, for making it memorable and enjoyable.


  • Drinking tap water is a big no as the water is not portable. Go for filtered water or coconut water.
  • Remember that Sundarbans is a “No Plastic zone” so do not carry mineral water unless it is part of your medication.
  • Spotting a tiger or other wildlife can take a long time at times. So Carry some light snacks and fruits with you to munch as you won’t get any such shops when on the boat.
  • Do Carry sunglasses, hats and sun tan lotion.
  • Do carry sufficient cash ATMs is few. Only SBI ATM is available at Gosaba
  • Remember to Carry your medicines. especially or a cough, cold, stomach upset etc
  • Do keep a reasonable distance from wild animals, and do not provoke them. Your safety is in your hand.
  • Do not light fires or smoke inside protected areas.
  • Remember to carry a torch with spare batteries. You will need them immensely at night.
  • Carry spare batteries for your cameras as you might not get a chance to recharge your batteries.
  • Dressing in colours that blend with the natural environment will help you camouflage yourself and thereby get better chances of spotting wild lives.
  • Find the Best and Friendly Tour Operator First.A tour operator an make or break your trip. Make sure you go with a local. We at Sundarban Tourism have all our crews, who are natives. Also the owner himself hails from Gosaba and thus know the region very well.
  • Call tour operator to discuss about package . Do not depend solely on what is written in the websites of various tourism. The itineraries change time to time depending on several factors.
  • Do read package details offer by tour operator. Do not rely solely on the tour operator. Get all the details beforehand and pay wisely, as on reaching the spot you will have no option but to follow your tour operator.
  • Do compare package details from other tour operator. Find the best offers and book wisely. We at sundarban tourism offer the best boats at the best in the business prices as we completely own our boats and involve no middleman.
  • Do check thedomain age of tour operator. It is better to travel with operators who are well known to the place. We , sundarban tourism , have been operating tours in the sundarban region for the last twenty five (25 )years. We are well aware of the possible dangers.
  • Discuss about Safety security beforehand with your tour manager. Ask him about the safety facilities available on the boat and at various visiting places.


  • Do not pollute the pristine habitat by throwing anything out from the boat/Launch.
  • You should not carry or throw any plastic items here as Sunderban is a “No Plastic zone”.
  • Playing any sound system including loudspeakers or shouting is strictly prohibited as it disturbs wildlife and co-visitors.
  • Entering the Sunderbans National park/Tiger reserve without a valid permit is a punishable offence. Always get yourself a permit from Sunderban Tiger reserve’s offices at Canning, Sonakhali, Sajnekhali
  • Staying within the Sunderbans National Park/Tiger reserve area is permitted only from Sunrise to Sunset. Do not try to sneak in after the permissible timings as it will risk your life.
  • Hunting, fishing, damage to flora & habitat entry in the core area and movement in non-permitted forest locations is viewed as a serious offence. If found guilty you will be highly penalised and punished.
  • Do not carry guns, firearms, weapons, bows, arrows and crackers, inflammable materials etc. These are strictly prohibited, as per the provisions of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, and is punishable by law.
  • Remember that bathing in the river water is not allowed. These are all crocodile risk zones.
  • Do not Smoke when on elephant back as it is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not go with any random tour operator. There has been several records of crimes etc as this area is highly risky. Always check the profile of your selected Tour Operator. Read the customer reviews and Google reviews.


Other than these general tourist tips there are certain rules and regulation that every tourist needs to follow. Consult your guide before opting for any exclusions or activity. Remember that Sundarbans is the home of the wild. Respect their habitat.







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