Planning a tour to Sundarban

Planning a tour to Sundarban

Knowledge about Sundarban:-

Before making a plan for Sundarban tour we have to know a lot about Sundarban because of many reasons. The main target is to enjoy and refreshing mind against our tour. It’s sure, Sundarban is full of all refreshing things like big mangrove forests, wild birds, wild animals, reptiles, etc. Apart from this, there are many sights seen are available around Sundarban area which can rise the beauty of Sundarban to the extreme point. Among these sight seen Sundarban national park, Sajnekhali tower, Kalash camp, Sudhanyakhali, Burirdabri, Sajnekhali bird sanctuary are very charming which can attract tourists again and again. Sundarban national park is a large coastal delta island of mangrove forest and it shares it’s border with India and Bangladesh. It is declared a tiger reserve area and it is well known as the home of the royal Bengal tiger. As it is a coastal area there are chances to live crocodiles and dolphins in that area. It is well connected by the river and we can reach here by houseboat easily. In the winter season, more than 500 species of birds are seen in the forest area of various colours. From bird-watching towers like Sajnekhali tower, we can see this charming scene and enjoy a lot. Birds are visible from these towers. Not only birds are clearly visible but also wild animals like deer, wolves, tigers can also be visible from these towers. These towers are designed by keeping in mind all types of security reasons. Riding of houseboat gives an amazing experience during the Sundarban tour. It gives maximum opportunities to see crocodiles and the royal Bengal tiger. As three big rivers are meet with each other there we can feel like an ocean at the mid-river. So if we follow the guideline of security then this tour will be given maximum pleasure with our safety. There will be a chance to see the Royal Bengal tiger during travel by houseboat. At the bay of the river, tigers are moving freely and searching for hunting.

Set your budget as per comfortability:-

If you are planning to make Sundarban tour then you search a good Sundarban tour and travel operators of Sundarban area because there are too many tour operators are available. They are well known about the surrounding of Sundarban forest and aware of the dangerous places. But you should identify or verify the good and professional tour operators because unprofessional and cheating operators are also available in both Sundarban and Kolkata. All most all tour operators are providing many Sundarban tour packages. You can choose the Sundarban tour package within your budget. Before you finalize your sundarban tour package you should check from pick up point to Drop point and return point. It’s also very important to check itinerary details along with the food menu and accommodation. Many tour operators give facilities to pick up from Kolkata. For a hassle-free journey, you should choose a package that gives pickup from Kolkata. You can ask the types of vehicles and number of tourists for each vehicle for your comfortable journey.

Way to reach Sundarban:-

The Sundarban is well connected from Kolkata by road and railway. If you are from Kolkata then you can travel by hiring a cab from Kolkata to Sundarban or you can travel by train from Sealdah railway station to canning and from canning, you can travel by auto rickshaw or you can hire a car from there. If you are from outstation Kolkata then you have the 1st priority to reach Kolkata. Kolkata is well connected all over the world by air. It is connected to every corner of India by rail, road, and air. You can choose only one route to reach Kolkata. From Dumdum airport private cabs are available to serve you, you can hire a private cab to reach Sundarban. Similarly, you can travel to canning by train also. Still now if you are feeling unknown then don’t worry just choose a Sundarban tour package from a genuine Sundarban tour operator which you will need. They will pick up you from Kolkata in their vehicle. They will arrange your sundarban tour according to your selected Sundarban package literary. So it will be hassle-free for all of us.    

Taking care during Sundarban tour

During Sundarban we should keep sufficient money because ATM facility not available in Sundarban. As medicine shop is not available here, we should keep medicine with us for emergency use. During a visit to Sundarban national park, Bird watching tower we should follow all the safety instructions as per security personnel for our best safety. If we will choose night stay at houseboat we have to follow the safety instruction strictly because for night stay hose boats are stay at the extreme side of the river, that’s why it may be a chance to see a tiger from very near.

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