New Year Party in Sundarban Houseboat

Sundarbans and nothing else to party in the Houseboat

What are you doing this New Year? If you are still thinking about it, then I have an answer for it! I shall suggest you try out Sundarban this time. Why so, it is because Sundarbans are amazing mangrove forests with fantastic wildlife in it.

You might have heard of Royal Bengal Tiger, these tigers are in Abundance in this area. UNESCO even protects this area for similar reasons. Once these tigers were an endangered species but now the situations are under control.

Whatsoever let’s return to our topic of discussion that is New Year party? You might have spent your New Year partying at Goa, Kulu Manali, Mumbai, and Kolkata. However, for a change this time land in Sundarbans. Sundarbans has a lot to offer to bring you a new and eventful day during the New Year. How amazing would be a party in Sundarban Houseboat?

Let’s see a rough sketch as of how will your party in Sundarban this new year:

1. Cruise has a new definition in Houseboats:

Cruise party is always fun but houseboat parties are something different. This is the difference you are going to fall in love with. Moreover, these houseboats offer an amazing view and a cozy feeling of homeliness. You shall surely enjoy the feel.

2. Party on Waters:

Party on waters is such an amazing thing to listen to. Yes, houseboats are always on waters and they give you a mesmerizing feel. You stay on waters for such long and you feel the vibe of the party from within.

3. Get a Jungle Party to feel:

The Jungle Party is something everyone looks forward to. It is like an adventuring party on waters with the jungle all around. How amazing the feel would be right!

4. Explore the Jungle too:

Sometimes you can get out of the houseboats and explore the feel of Jungle. This is something you will live and die for. How amazing that New Year would where you can party on a boat and also get and feel the jungle.

5. Get dreamy with the Night Sky:

The night sky is so clear and beautiful during this time. You sit on the rooftop of the houseboat and get to see the amazing night sky full of stars. Therefore, this time Sundarbans and nothing else to party in the houseboat. Just feel the vibe and be happy.

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  1. We are a family of 14 people and want to book a boat for 3 days trip to sunderban. Please send price with photos of the boat.

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