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West Bengal occupies a special place in India for the tourism sector. There are many tourist places in West Bengal that attract tourists from all corners of the world. The discussion about some key tourist places is discussed below.

1. KOLKATA :  Kolkata is India’s second largest metropolitan city. It is one of the oldest cities in India. Now it is a top-line developed city in India containing more than 3cr population. Most of the people come here to full fill their indefinite dreams. Kolkata was the capital of India in the ancient Now this city is the capital of West Bengal. The city of Calcutta is known as the City of joy. “It simply came to our notice then. It is rich in art, literature, and culture. Some parts of the town are full of all types of things for the enjoyment the happiness. With the unforgettable spirit of the self-reliant middle class, the city has created a beautiful juxtaposition of the wonders of the old-fashioned era with the new high-rise culture that lives on among thousands of residents.  

 The city of Kolkata is full of art and culture. There were many poets, writers, and freedom fighters at the very beginning. “It simply came to free from India. The city of joy is a very important place in India. The city contains many memorable places like Eden Gardens Stadium, the museum, the Victoria Memorial, Santiniketan, and many more important places available in this city.

Some of the major important places in Kolkata city are:-

•  Victoria memorial

 Another memory of the British Empire is known as the Victoria memorial which Is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. In memory of Queen Victoria, this white marble structure was built to rule India for 25 years, and it is a replica of the Victoria Memorial in London. Victoria memorial is an iconic structure that symbol with joy. 

This memorial is surrounded by a well-mannered green garden which is spared over a 64-acre area. It has many statues. At the top of the memorial is a 16 feet bronze statue of ball bearings which shows the grandeur of the entire complex. One of the great things about it is that it looks so beautiful at night. At night, the light and sound have made the enjoyment doubled in memorial. 

Some basic information :

•      Timing-6. 30 am to 6.15 pm

•      Opening time –  2 to 5 hours

•      Entry fees – garden -INR 10, museum -INR 20, Foreigner-200

• Fort William Kolkata

 It is a powerful building in the city of Calcutta, located on the east side of the

Hooghly River. It was built in the year 1696 and it is named after the king of William 3. And they set up their first store hold in the country. The covering of milestones is very beautiful. It was completed teen years. It was taken here during the British Empire and kept inside a room there. So it was called a black hole. Now it is the property of the Indian army. If we visit Kolkata we shouldn’t forget to visit Fort William in Kolkata. 

Information :

Timing- 10 am to 5 . 30 pm

Time required- 2 to 4 hour

Entry fees- free for all.

•  Belur math

Belur Math is the headquarters of the Ramakrishna mission. it was founded by Swami Vivekananda and situated at the riverside of Hooghly river in the West Bengal. It is visited by all religious people from all over the world. So people don’t forget to visit Belur math when they came to Kolkata. 

•      Timing – 6 am to 9 pm

•      Opening time – 2 to 5 hours

•      Entry fees – Free entry

HOWRAH BRIDGE:  IT is situated over the Hooghly River in West Bengal for the connection between Howrah and Kolkata. It is a cantilever bridge. At that time it was the third longest cantilever bridge in the World at the time of construction. But now it is the sixth longest bridge in the world. It is looking very charming and beautiful during the lighting period. It is covered full of light at the night.

Length : 705m

Height:82 m

Official name: Howrah Bridge

Built over: Hooghly river

Width:71ft along with two footpaths 4.6 m on either side

Functional since February 3, 1943

•  Indian museum : The Indian Museum of Kolkata is the ninth largest museum in the world and the largest museum in India. The foundation stone of the Museum of India was eroded in 1814, and since then it has been a multi-faceted work of art. Known as the “Witch”, it contains contemporary paintings, sacred relics of the Buddha, Egyptian mummies, and the best collections of ancient statues. In addition to these, the Indian Museum is proud of its beautiful collections of ornaments, fossils, skeletons, antiquities, armaments, and magnificent Mughal paintings.


Timing: Tuesday to Sunday:10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Fees: Indian visitor  INR 10, outside India people: INR 150

Apart from these tourists places in Kolkata other some important places are:-

•      Birla planetarium

•      Marble place mansion

•      Motherhouse

•      Science city Kolkata

•      St. Paul’s Cathedral 

•      Tajpur

•      Birla mandir Kolkata

•      Eden Gardens

•      Jorasanko Thakur Bari

•      Birla industrial technical museum

•      RabindraSarovar

•      Alipore zoo

•      Eco tourism park, Kolkata

•      Kolkata Jain temple

•      Nicco park Kolkata etc

2. DARJEELING : Darjeeling is a very good tourist place in West Bengal which is located in the north of West Bengal. It is India’s former summer capital from the British rule to till now and one of the most sought-after hill stations in India. It is a special place for a honeymoon in the hill stations present in West Bengal. It has been cultivated throughout the year for tea because of the suitable environment for tea. Darjeeling is situated at 2050 meters above sea level. The hill station is the most important part of the country. People come here from all corners of the country to enjoy the nature and weather.


Whether: 15°c Average except for winter season

Best times to visit: February, March September, and December.

3.   SUNDARBAN : The largest mangrove forests in the world are available in Sundarban. Sundarban National Park has located 110 km from Kolkata and is formed by the covering of Mangrove forest. It is a tiger reserve and also a biosphere reserve. It is famous for the Royal Bengal tiger. Some of the rivers sound from it. Sundarban national park is part of Sundarban Delta which is extended from Bangladesh. It is a UNESCO world heritage site with a large variety of birds, animal species, and reptiles. Around 500 species of birds are available in Sundarban.  

The wild animals are moving there freely in the jungle. Most of the time the royal Bengal tigers also come to the riverside for searching their food. Not only they are searching for their food at the riverside but also search for their food in the river by swimming. Therefore tourists can enjoy it more. Most probably Sundarban is a delta and confluence of three big rivers. So that most of the regions and sight seen are connected with rivers only. There is too many houseboats are available in Sundarban for transport purpose only. So that tourists can enjoy the houseboat riding very much. Too many bird-watching towers are available in Sundarban where tourists can get a chance to watch the wild animals closely with the best security. 

Other important things which attract tourists:-

•      Boat tour of the mangrove forest.

•       Visit Sajnekhali bird sanctuary

•      River boat cruise. 

•      Sightseeing from the watch tower

•      Watch turtle at Kanakisland

•      Local Folk dance

•      Fire Camp

4. SILIGURI : Siliguri is the major city of North Bengal. It is well connected with Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, and all parts of north Bengal in West Bengal, it is a getaway from northeast India. It is 550 km from Kolkata to the North. The transportation facility between Kolkata and Siliguri is very fine by road, train, and air. There are many tourist places are nearby Siliguri such as Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Gangtok, and Bhutan. However, Siliguri itself is a perfectly good holiday destination, with sufficient things to see and do.   Basic info

Ideal Package: 2-3 days

Time: throughout the year 

5.  DIGHA : The Beach queen Digha is situated in the Bay of Bengal which is a suitable place for the tourism sector. It provides a natural view of the sea beach and a beautiful place where the tourists come to visit this place. This is a great place for families to spend a few moments with joy and happiness. The morning site view is the most beautiful for everybody. There are too many things are available in Digha for enjoying the sea beach. Tourists can ride a horse there and they can enjoy both the sea beach and the sea. Apart from this tourists can enjoy Crab and sea fish curry a lot. Hence we can enjoy our time without boring.

      Places to visit in Dighaare :

•      Marine station

•      Aquarium of the zoological survey of India 

•      New Digha beach

•      Udaipur beach

•      Shankarpur beach

•      Talsari beach

•      Amrabati park

All the above tourist places are fine for everybody who loves to make their tour every year. But among these tourist places, Sundarban is the cheapest tourist place where tourists can enjoy very much their vacation. If you are from outside Kolkata then you can make a plan for Sundarban tour which covers the sightseeing of Kolkata because you have to go Sundarban from Kolkata. Now there are too many Sundarban travel agents providing many Sundarban tour packages to their customers for making Sundarban tour. Now it is very easy to make Sundarban tour from Kolkata because of the availability of transport facilities. The houseboat ridding can double your enjoyment in Sundarban, hence you should not forget to enjoy houseboat ridding in Sundarban.

Other important tourist places in West Bengal are bellowed. We will discuss this briefly later.

6.   Mirik

7.   Dooars

8.   Kalimpong

9.   Murshidabad

10. Kurseong

11. Navadvipa

12. Durgapur

13. Haldia

14. Santiniketan 15. Raichak

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