What Foods Can Be Easily Enjoyed in Sundarban

What Foods Can Be Easily Enjoyed in Sundarban

Bengalis are for foods and Foods are for Bengalis, it is a vice versa thing. One is not complete without the other. So, if a Bengali is going for a tour then for them food is one of the most important things. If the food is not good or right then for them the tour is of no use or completely unimportant. 

Sundarban is the world’s largest Delta and the best part is 

that it is situated in Bengal. As because it is in Bengal, therefore, the food is also amazing here. Those who have come to Sundarban know that what kind of tasty and good food can be found out here. Many food bloggers have talked a lot of times about Sundarban’s food, today in this blog too we will try to tell you about the amazing food found out there. 

Sundarban’s food is nothing less than Bengali Cuisine. It is just like having food in a regular Bengali household. It is tasty and you will get the authentic Bengali taste in the food. The taste of the food will fill your mouth and you will be amazed to see how different flavors blast inside your mouth. 


Some dishes are tasty some are super tasty. Hilsa is authentic of Sundarban. Even a festival with its name is celebrated there. It is something very exciting and something that you will enjoy. 


Bori is a very tasty thing to taste in Sundarban. It can be eaten fried or can be given in the curry. It is very tasty and you feel like having it again and again. 


The Non veg items are something those who like Nonveg will surely like. They will enjoy there the authentic Bengali nonveg. It is something they will love to taste. 

4 Begun Bhaja:

This is fried brinjal which tastes like heaven with hot steamed rice. If you once have it you will love to have it again and again. 

5.Misti Doi:

Sweet and delicious Misti Doi is what you will love to have. It is a Bengali dessert and it tastes very good. 


Who doesn’t know about Rosogollo? Every one who comes to Bengal love to have this sweet. It is Bengal’s pride.  All these dishes will fill your mouth with taste and flavor. You will just love to have them and enjoy the authentic taste of Bengal.

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