All about Sundarban Sight Seeing

All about Sundarban Sight Seeing

Without wasting any of your valuable time let’s jump straight into the topic and try to know all about Sudarban Sightseeing. We are trying to make your Sundraban travel better. People come for a Sundarban tour from Kolkata to enjoy these beautiful sightseen. This is the Sundarban Wikipedia link you can gather much more information from here:

1.National Park in Sundarban:

The National Park in Sundarban is a huge area where different types of wild animals stay in a protected area. People come to Sundarban especially to see the Royal Bengal Tigers. But you can come to Sundarban to enjoy many other animals too like deer, rhinos, elephants, crocodiles, etc. All these wild animals make Sundarban a much more beautiful and happy place. But the National Park is open for the common people only during the daytime till 4 pm. After that, it is closed. 

2.Glowing Forest:

This is a place inside the National park that glows when it is dark. You can see it with special permission. The thing looks very magical but there is also science in here. The glow worms glow during the nighttime in this area. They are in abundance here and with their light and glow they make the place seem magical and very beautiful. It’s a once in lifetime experience thing. 

3.Crocodile Sanctuary in Bhagabatpur:

The Crocodile Sanctuary in Bagabatpur is very beautiful. A lot of Crocodiles are kept protected here and they enjoy a Natural Habitat that too with extra protection to keep them safe. 

4.Watch Tower at Burir Dabri:

A watchtower is a high place from the ground level where you can stand and see the wild animals enjoying their day. It is a very beautiful experience, you can enjoy seeing the wild animals without even disturbing them even a bit. What can be better than this? 

5. The Netidhopani:

Netodopani is a picnic spot where you can enjoy a days’ picnic with family and friends. You will love the place and your day will also be well spent.  While you get to enjoy these places you will understand how beautiful this place is and why you must analyze and choose Sudnarban tour Package. You must come here for this. 

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